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Thread: Talk about your troubles

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    First time caller Spoose's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
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    Wow, thank you all so much for your prayers and concerns! I knew I would be overwhelmed by the response.....and I am!!

    I am taking legal action and am very aware of the statute problems, but I have at least another 8 months to take action. I've already talked with a lawyer.

    One good thing about all this is I've gained important perspective on life that is rare for a young age....and I've gained many surrogate grand-parents in my pulmonary rehab program (I'm a 26 year old among dozens of people over 65!!)

    Thanks again, FoRTers! I'll keep updating the major developments!
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    FORTfruity applesauce's Avatar
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    Spoose, how terrible that you have had to deal with all of this...particularly at your young age. At least there is now a diagnosis and you have a doctor that understands what you are facing. Try to maintain a positive outlook, it makes such a difference. Just move forward and do what it takes to get better. Thanks for posting and let us know how it's going!

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    Spoose, I'm so sorry that your having such severe health problems that could've possibly been prevented. That's just awful. I'm sure you're getting much better care now that you're seeing a specialist. I hope your health gets better and you become able to breathe better.

    Combatcutie, I'm sorry that your god-daughter is having seizures. You can take heart in the fact that they sometimes get better on their own, or go away entirely with medication. It's a shame that she has to wait so long to see a specialist, though, because it can be very scary until you find out exactly what's going on. Try not to worry too much.

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    Spoose, I cannot believe how uninterested in your case your former doctor was. That is unbelievable that with you not responding to medication she continues to just follow the same course. PLEASE take this too an attorney, this is a clear case of someone I wouldn't want taking care of me or anyone I know (or anyone in another state that I wouldn't ever met) I hope things work out for you.

    Combetcutie...sorry to hear about your god daughter...is she on medication? Are they monitoring the seizures? (time of day, activities, length of?) I hope she feels better soon.
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    FORT Fogey Pyramid Solitaire by Disney's Tangled Champion combatcutie's Avatar
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    Thanks everyone for your concern. I found out over the weekend that she is going to see the specialist sooner than January. I'm not sure if her doctor is monitoring anything with the seizures now.
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    Combatcutie and Spoose, My thoughts are with you both! Combatcutie, I'm thankful she can get in before January. It's hard for everyone to wait when you Have to know what's wrong. Spoose, doctors like that ought not to be practicing. Even if they don't know the diagnosis, they should know where to send you to get an accurate diagnosis. Don't you wish that the AMA would start taking away licenses from doctors who aren't doctoring?

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    Spoose - I can't imagine what you're going through. I'm close to the same age as you, and I wouldn't know what to do in your situation. How horrible! Please take legal action against the first doctor. So many doctors are arrogant and full of themselves - it's unfortunate when they're in a business to help others. Innocent people such as yourself end up being victims to their cockiness. I pray that your rehab group and new doctor continue to offer you the support that you need.

    Combat - I'm glad to hear that she doesn't have to wait until January now.

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    Well - my story is not heart-wrenching like the ones above and this is more of a vent than anything else so here goes...

    As some of you know I have a licensed home daycare, I'm an independent contractor but I am licensed through an agency that collects payments, fills my daycare spots with kids and monitors my program to ensure that I am complying with Ontario regulations.
    The Home Child Care Association of Ontario holds a conference each year with workshops and guest speakers and I've attended everyone (with 2 other providers) since signing up with this agency. My first year it was in my town so I volunteered for one of the committees and I gave up considerable time (I took everyone's registration forms and collated them and typed up all name tags and stuff like that) The next year they covered our hotel and transpo but we had to pay our own registration fee ($350) - the 3 of us fund-raised all year so we could go. The year after that the agency covered half of our hotel cost and half of our conference cost ($350), not bad but not great either.
    This year's conference is getting closer, and I got the shock of my life!
    Our agency is sending 4 providers with 10 year's service to this year's conference as a thank you. Only one of these providers ever attends the conference, she also volunteers for every committee and she's at every workshop - the other 3 feel they are above the whole process.
    I couldn't help myself, my mouth dropped open and I blurted out "after all I've done and how involved I am with this agency that's just not fair!" The program supervisor said "now Dux, this is their thank you for 10 years of service, you've only been with us for 4."
    I was just stupefied. I out perform those 3 at every turn.. which is why my spaces are always full and I know what the hell is going on because I'm interested and I ask questions.
    Then the supervisor said "I'm still working on the Director to get her to cover your costs too" That is total BS. I friggin deserve the recognition.
    All of this happened at our Child Care Worker Appreciation Social btw. Never have I felt so unappreciated in my entire life.
    And if the program supervisor thinks that I will be helping with the Conference in 2006 when it comes back to Sudbury she has another think coming!
    grrrrrr roar!

    Thanks for letting me vent guys
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    Angel boy
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    Aw, Duxxy. So sorry to hear that. There is nothing worse than working your butt off and not getting any appreciation for it. I hope they come around and cover your expenses, although that won't reverse your hurt feelings.
    America- love it or leave it!

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    I don't see how simple seniority can rule out over hard work and dedication. Makes no sense.
    " I look like Nigella Lawson with a $#*!ing hangover."

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