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Thread: Talk about your troubles

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    It's great we have a thread to share our troubles but let's keep any details of bodily functions to PM's.

    It's beginning to get a little TMI. Thanks.
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    Sorry! Where's a blush smiley when I need one?!

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    I was about to come in and post about me being sick. But I guess I shouldn't go into the bodily functions part. Let's just say I couldn't keep anything down all day even gatorade, until about an hour ago. I tried to eat a little something and I'm finally feeling better. Being sick all day on a Sunday sucks!

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    Glad you're feeling better, PGM35. I know what you mean. Nothing worse than being sick during the weekend.
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    We almost sank our beautiful boat last Thursday.

    We have been making improvements to it for the last 5-6 months since we bought it. It is an older boat (an '84) 34' Hunter sailboat that became a retired racing boat when we bought it so that we could lovingly turn her into a cruiser.

    Last Wednesday night, I guess she didn't like having one of the through-hull valves turned in order to replace a faucet and sink because the next morning (around 12 hours later), the same closed valve gave way and water poured into our cabin. The marina was nice enough to call us and put a bilge pump in it, but the water was pouring in as fast as it would pump out (our bilge pump's power was lost because the batteries and shore power went under the water). Our bow anchor was under water and we had about 4' of water inside the cabin.

    We managed to get all the water out and keep it from sinking entirely, but now we have a mess on our hands. The teak floors, engine, starter, batteries and other electrical components are probably shot. The cushions are most definitely history. Other personal equipment we had stocked the boat with are toast.

    A few of you reading this know how much we enjoy this boat...we have been on it virtually every weekend as it is our "vacation home on the water". I am still in shock by it all. Now we are at the mercy of insurance to see if they are going to total it or not and if they don't, a long time for repairs will be ahead of us. We love this boat and are crushed that this has happened.

    It's like having a big part of your life suddenly derailed right out from underneath you.
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    Oh, Igota, that is awful! Poor you. Poor boat. I can only imagine how upsetting that is. Yikes, all your stuff, and now the future of the boat is in question. Hope the insurers decide its worth saving.

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    Igota, what a mess, and I'm so sorry to read about your boat. Dealing with problems like this, and insurance companies, can try the patience of anyone. I hope things get resolved to your liking and quickly.
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    Awww, Igota. I'm sorry to hear about Beauty & The Geek'almost sinking. I know you've both put so much work into her restoration, and I hope everything works out for the best.

    Now, follow the instructions in my sig line and it'll all be better.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles Igota. It must definitely suck to put so much effort and heart into something and then see it destroyed. I hope everything turns out great for you.

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    Oh, Igotalife, that's terrible! My fingers are crossed that your insurance company comes through.
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