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Thread: Talk about your troubles

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    FORT Fogey veejer's Avatar
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    Sep 2003
    Pom, I'm so sorry. What was his name?
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    Pom...sorry to hear of your loss. And I wanted to thank you for having such a big heart to adopt a dog who needed a new home, that is very kind of you *hug*
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    Jun 2003
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your Pom. You gave him a loving home when he needed it most. What a big heart you have. He was so lucky to have you for a short time. Take care, wicked good Pomeraniac.
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    Nov 2003
    Saint Paul, MN
    Pom, I am so sorry. My dog is 15 years old and he just had seizure this morning. Fortunately, he's still hanging in there. I know how hard it is to have an elderly dog that you become so attached to.

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    Jun 2004
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pomeraniac
    He said they saw an increase in blood pressure among patients taking Vioxx (and that increase let to other cardiovascular problems eventually) but that the patients' blood pressure values returned to baseline once they were taken off the drug.
    I have degenerative disc disease in my neck and have had 3 surgeries to put in plates and screws and now have arthritis there. I was prescribed Vioxx years ago, and my blood pressure shot up horribly. It's a shame, because it really helped me. But I just couldn't handle it..... when I heard about the recall, I was thankful I realized early on that it wasn't for me.

    Pom, I am so sorry about your little guy. Dogs, or any pet for that matter, completely fill our lives with love and affection. I have owned 6 dogs and have gone through the grieving process with 4 of them, and the last time I waited 5 years to get a new dog. I only relented because my daughter and Mr. Roseskid were pleading with me. I finally caved, and I immediately wondered why I waited so long. So, maybe in a few months you might want to think of getting another pomeranian? In the meantime, know that you gave him a very loving home and a wonderful life, and try to comfort yourself with that. My thoughts are with you.

    DJeter, I wish you and your baby the best, too.
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    MIA, RIP, or Busy...
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    Sep 2003
    Pom, Muduh, everyone
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    Oh Pom, I'm so sorry. I am sharing this for the sake of empathy - I'm not trying to suck the wind out of your sails.

    I had a mini-Yorkie for a few years, he was what they call a a "velcro" dog - one that I carried everywhere. All the books say don't let them become "velcro", but I did. He was my baby. (I'm not sure if he EVER took a step on his own.) He was all of 2.5 pounds full-grown. He had seizures. Just horrible to watch. I love my little bogart so much, and I didn't know if putting him down was the best for him. I mean, he was healthy most of the time. Bogart's health problems were occurring just as Bruce and I were splitting up. I refused to leave him with Bruce, so I not-so-secretly moved him into my apartment. If anyone has ever been around a Yorkie, they are the loudest, yappiest yip-yip dogs ever. I decided to try to find him a better home. A place with a yard where he could play (like Bruce's) - and I think I did. I was referred to a nice young just-married couple. I sure wish I knew if he is still with us.

    Pom, I don't pretend to know your circumstances or feelings, but DO feel so sad for you. It has to be a rough day.

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    Pom -- your little guy couldn't have had a better mom.

    And everyone else with such painful illnesses (arthritis,degenerative disc disease, etc.), I'm so sorry your entire existence centers around pain. I know I couldn't deal with that. I hope they come up with a new medication that works. Hell, I hope they come up with a cure.

    ETA: JD -- I remember you telling us that story before, but it's still sad. I'm sorry.
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    Nov 2003
    Pom, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. You are a very good person to take in elderly animals and give them love and a good home so they can enjoy their twilight years.
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    Sorry Pom . Our dog is so much a part of our family that I can imagine how hard today is. It is like losing a family member.

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