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Thread: Talk about your troubles

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    Oh, maybe that's it -- maybe I had a chip and the heat made it a crack, it's been boiling here. I didn't know that could happen.
    Thanks, Unk!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    Anyone ever have a cracked windshield, and did your insurance cover it?
    I got a crack about a year ago and was seriously fuming for days. My insurance didn't cover it--well, it would have in a sense, but the deductible would have to be met and it was higher than the windshield.

    I'll offer you a piece of advice though--when calling around to price compare, be sure to ask if your car needs any special parts to replace the windshield. I have a Saturn; the dealer said it be about $450, so I called an autoglass place. They said $230. Clearly, the glass place is the better deal even though their hours are inconvenient and it's a pain to get to. Well, I take the car in, and half way through the day they call me saying that I need special, Saturn-specific rubber thing that goes around the windshield and the old one can't be re-used. How much was this fabulous, one-use rubber? Right about $200. So, going to the big-time hassle place saved me only $20 and increased my level of frustration greatly. They KNEW I had a Saturn, so the clearly left out the charge for the rubber thing to get me to use them. So be sure to ask for estimates on any parts that they may need in addition to the glass.

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    Lucy, It depends on the type of insurance coverage you have and what coverage they pay out under as to whether a deductible applies. I would take care of it ASAP, because it won't get better, but it can get worse.

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    Lucy, if you have a deductible on your comprehensive coverage, you might consider checking prices before you call your insurance company. I called about mine, and since the repair cost less than the deductible, they wouldn't pay. But they damn sure noted on my policy that I had made a claim, so my insurance went up a few bucks...errgh! Note that I did tell them I only wanted information, not necessarily to file, and they still stuck me!
    I did find that there are a good many glass installers that will come to your house and install glass even as you sleep, watch tv or whatever, for the same price they do it at the shop-- and the price I got was waaay cheaper than the dealer's, with just as good a guarantee on the work. I also found that there is a huge range of prices, so it's probably worth the time to call five or six places and then decide. Be sure to ask if that price includes 'everything', and if they stand behind their work. I know one person who did pay the jacked up price to get glass at the dealer, and two weeks later it started to leak. Now they can't get the shop to do anything about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott
    Some glass replacement companies will do it for whatever the insurance company pays and will cover your deductable. Call around.
    I agree, definitely call around.

    I had cracks in the windshield of my Volvo so I did what Unk suggested, I called around.

    I found an auto glass shop (a big one, part of a national chain) that agreed to replace the whole windshield and charged me $200 for the glass and the installation -- on the condition that I pay cash.

    No problem, I thought. I paid cash. It was cheaper than what my insurance deductible would have been (it happened before I was under my present policy) and this way, the claim stayed off the books, too.

    I paid cash, just like they told me I should. What that shop reports to the IRS and Department of Revenue is none of my business.

    A couple of years later I bought my Jeep Wrangler (used) and it had little specks where the windshield had been "sandblasted" over time. The Jeep's windshield was fine, operational, and it passed inspection no problem, but I wanted to start with a clean piece of glass.

    So I went back to my old pals at the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Auto Glass Shop" and I got a brand spankin' new windshield for the Jeep, too.

    Yeah, it was also just $200, fully installed. CASH.

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    When I was really broke (university days) I called an auto wrecker and paid very little for the windshield and had it installed ....but that was many moons ago.

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    well. i will not be able to make the FORTCON 2 because i have got to have a hernia operation and some exploritoy stuff to as my stomach has been acting up and I have thrown up every friday for the last two weeks. they think I got some adhesions and scar tissue plus a venteral hernia which has kept alot of food still in me instead of making its way out. what a way to lose weight though.

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    joeguy, I hope everything ends up ok for you. Sounds like you've been having a pretty rough time.

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    That's too bad, joeguy. I hope the surgery is a success & that you get better soon.
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    joeguy, I hope all goes as you want it to, and keep us posted..
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