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Thread: Eggs

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    Vegetarian omelette with lots of onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers. And I love dipping it in ketchup.
    That's goooood eatin'.

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    I like eggs .....scrambled , in a sandwich, in tuna salad.........mmmm eggs yummy.
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    In the 70's, eggs became scarce, and therefore very expensive to buy. I got the great idea to raise my own chickens, so I bought some wood, chicken wire (of course), made my own coop, and bought chicken feed. I knew nothing about how to pick out chickens, but went to a chicken farm, bought 20 chickens, put them in the coop and waited for them to lay eggs. And waited. And waited. Eventually I got 12 eggs, and after I'd done the math, I discovered the dozen eggs cost me $46.75!! I quickly decided that chicken farming was not for me (I was adventurous, not stupid), so I gave the chickens back, and with fresh appreciation went to the market to buy eggs like everyone else!
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    I make scrambled egg whites for myself every night during the week for dinner. I'm exhausted when I come home from work and can't be bothered making anything else, plus it's just a party of one during the week (2 if you count my dog). Sometimes I like to kick it up a notch and add spinach, tomatoes, and cheddar. Sometimes I get all crazy and start frying up turkey bacon too. Put me in front of the tube with this hot plate of heaven and I'm in ecstasy. Yes kids, life can get pretty pathetic after you graduate .

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    Mmmm...another food thread.

    I like eggs of all variety. Hard-boiled, poached, deviled, scrambled, in omelettes, in salads, in quiche, in custard, scotch eggs, Chinese tea eggs, eggs florentine, steamed egg custard, pasteis de nata, and eggs benedict...

    (geez, every food thread makes me hungry )

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    For breakfast I like my eggs over hard. If I have Danish rugbroed (special kind of Danish bread, I managed to sneak a bunch of bread-mixes through customs, so I bake one once in a while) I like to put hard-boiled eggs on top. Scrambled eggs are good too.

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    I was never a good cook-just ask my kids! I always found different things to do with eggs. My kids especially loved it when I scrambled them and added the omelet fixings to the scrambled eggs. They loved omelets. I always chopped the fixings myself, so when they'd get them in a restaurant, they thought the fixings were too small. They loved my french toast, too. At family get togethers, I'd get to fix the breakfast or brunch. For my french toast: eggs, milk, vanilla, a pinch of salt, and a dollop of cinnamon. The bread would be french style sliced between medium and thick. My mom started making egg brunch which you mix at least the day before and let the egg mixture soak for at least a day. Man, is it ever good!!! Makes me hungry! Now I am limited to eggs no more than 3 times a week. When I was growing up, my grandmother used to make sunnyside up eggs and have toast soldiers! That was the best! Of course, she used real butter...I haven't tasted that in a long while! Now, I eat my eggs over easy, since I only eat one at a time. And deviled eggs-my former mother in law made her filling w/mustard, mayonnaise, salt, and dill pickle juice-the absolute best!!

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    All of you posters are making me hungry! I might just have to boil an egg.... It's good when it's soft boiled, on brown, with cheese and (sorry broadway) ketchup.

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    I like hard-boiled or scrambled eggs (or omelettes). I'll endure the yolks if they're scrambled, but never could abide the yolks in a boiled egg, although I love the whites. When I was little we were picnicking and my mother was making me eat the yolk, and in defiance I tried to swallow it whole. She says I nearly choked to death. I still won't eat the yolks, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue_cool

    a simple ingredient, used daily by most. So discuss eggs, recipes, or weird cooking habits, how do you like your eggs, special techinques? anything.

    Seems odd that I would bring up the topic of eggs, but currently over here (Singapore). Due to the bird flu, we are having a huge shortage of eggs. I work in a restaurant, where in the weekends we serve brunch (which mainly consists of eggs: eggs/bacon, eggs/ham, eggs benedict, pancakes, baking needs etc..)

    The other day, I was put in charge of "finding eggs" which I couldn't. Every single store, grocery store everything, had no eggs. and when I did find 10 eggs it cost $4.70!!!! :rolleyes 47 cents an egg?

    I guess no one really realizes the 'importance' of such small ingredients, but once they are on shortage, it suddenly is a huge thing.
    The "Egg" situation here is getting quite outrageous. Apparently, the ban will be lengthened after two people were hospitalised today. They might have gotten the bird flu.

    Outrageous pricing for eggs. I miss my egg-y breakfast but for the sake of health measures, I stay egg-less meanwhile.
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