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Thread: Portable dishwasher question...

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    Portable dishwasher question...

    Has anyone tried the new portable dishwashers? I live in a rental, and I am thinking of buying either a countertop or rolling floor model portable dishwasher. I don't cook much, but I hate to do dishes, and I think that it would give me more incentive to do more baking, etc.

    Are they worth the money, and how well to they work compared to the installed ones? What features should I look for, and what brands seem to work best?

    Thanks for your input.
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    I don't know about new ones. We had the rolling floor one when I was growing up and it worked good.
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    Our family always had a portable/rolling dishwasher growing up too and they work just as good as an under the counter one.

    I remember having a full size one......you should think about how much room there is in your kitchen and may even want to measure the area that you are thinking of putting it in . There are so many new features out there now for dishwashers ...you....probably just need something simple but go to the stores and check out the different brands......

    You may also want to look in the current consumer guide to see how they rate the different brands as far as useability and maintenance if there is any.......Most brands I've found have similar features........I have looked recently for a new dishwasher but lucky for me (not ) my husband was able to fix mine for $12 so now I am waiting till it really dies before I get a new one...........

    also check in your area for an appliance dealer that sells brand new appliances that may just have a small unnoticeable dent or scratch and they are usually alot less expensive........just a thought.

    sorry didn't mean to write so much.
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    portable? haha this makes me think of a portable CD player.
    give more details please, and photos will be good as well.

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    We bought one in 1992 after the birth of our second child. It was great, worked just like a built in one. We moved in 2000 and this house has a built in one.

    The only thing I wish was different was the length of the water hose. We had to wheel it right up to the sink to connect the hose and because it was a galley kitchen, that blocked our access to the refrigerator.
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    I had a portable dishwasher a few years back, but I kicked him out of the house because it was ALL he was good for
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    Portable dishwasher? I didn't even know such a thing existed! Figures, living in an apartment building.
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    I've had a full size portable before... No different than a built in really... In fact most built ins are probably available as portables... A minor inconvienience if you have to move it up to the sink and/or you can't really use the sink when it's running...

    I've seen countertop models... But never really paid attention to them... I guess that would be convenient for one person... I don't know how big the are... I'm assuming it's about a half a dishwasher... Probably economical for one person that runs a lot of 1/2 loads with the full size...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ADKLove
    I had a portable dishwasher a few years back, but I kicked him out of the house because it was ALL he was good for
    Bwaahahaha!! that killed me ADK!!

    mstvfan I've had a portable dishwasher and a built-in. I found that my portable held more dishes than my built-in but I loved them both equally
    There was the minor inconvenience of rolling the portable back and forth and not being able to use the sink for 1.5 hrs but on the other hand we could throw a table cloth over it and use it as a serving station if we were having guests.
    The one thing to remember about dishwashers is 'use it or lose it'. The O rings and washers will dry out and crack if the machine isn't used often enough so the question really has to go back to you..
    Will you use it enough to justify the expense?
    My family of 2 (+newborn baby) used it enough and now that we have at least 7 ppl eating any given meal we can certainly justify the expense.
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    I have a portable dishwasher and it works great, its over 10 years old and have had no problems with it.

    reminder, got to go to ADKLove's place and apply for that job thats open now

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