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Thread: I'm sad

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlottej
    My heart is heavy this morning....

    Thanks for letting me get some of this off my chest. For some reason, sometimes it's easier to talk to strangers than it is your own family. Please keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers.


    Yes, it is sometimes easier to talk to strangers rather than family as you are able to say it and get it off your chest. I am sure there are many bizarre thoughts running through your head and some that if you actually did verbalize them to your family, they would think your were nuts. In here, you can think out loud and think through it all and only occasionally will someone snark at you. I am sure you entire family is very supportive, but you can consider the people here at the fort your friends as well as your "online" family!

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    Wow, Charlottej. My prayers are with your family, especially you and your little boy. He will be fine, but you will be scared. It is natural for you to be worried. {{hugs}}
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    I'm really sorry about your husband's uncle.

    And I'm sure your son will be fine. My friend's brother had an extra thumb and he got it removed. He did really well, and it's been four years and he's doing well and his hand looks pretty normal. And I think it's best to do it now because in a few years, he won't remember it and he won't be picked on by other kids. I'm sure it's hard for you, but I'm sure he'll be okay.

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    you shouldn't be sad that your son has an extra part. Although i feel for you. your son may get teased. But everyone gets teased for something.
    my mother believes that everytime a child was born a family member dies.
    Don't ask me why but thats what she thinks.

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    Charlotte, you and your little one are in my thoughts and prayers. All the best.

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    My condolences on your loss, charlotte. I'm very sorry that you won't be able to pay your last respects. I have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Best wishes on your little one's surgery.
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    So sorry to hear of your uncles passing. I, too, come from a very close family, and while something like this untimely death seems to tear into the very heart of the family, it is that same heart that will get you all through this.

    Close ties are not bound by location, but by communication and the knowledge that you are part of something great that neither loss nor distance can break. I wish you all well, and trust you and your family find comfort and solace in one another, even across the miles.

    With regards to your son, it is important to realize that he IS young, and children are remarkably resiliant. I posted earlier this year about a horrible tractor accident that my nephew (age 3 now) had been in, horrible in that his grandfather had run over his foot with this lawn tractor, causing severe damage to his foot. (3 toes mangled, dislocated ankle, broken shin-bone). Initially it was shocking, incomprehensible that something like this could happen to such an innocent boy. Our family, my father especially, was devastated, but as we relayed the shock and horror of it all, we, too, received reactions from some that "well, its just his toes" . We could not get out of our heads the thought that well, yes, its just his toes, but he is so tiny, and his poor little toes..so small, and how will he ever feel normal, and will the other children (or as he grows up, future girlfriends) be turned off or mock him, and how could something like this happen?

    As time passed and the summer went on, little Petey recovered extremely well, largely due, his doctors feel, to the fact that it happened while he was so small, and he will have very little memory of the incident as the years go by. He proudly showed his foot (minus his big toe, the "ball" of this foot and the next two toes as well) to everyone he encountered - his little way of saying "ok - here it is - you've seen it - now we can forget about it and move on" and it truly has become something we and his little cousins, rarely think about.

    I remember my sister feeling as if her perfect little boy had such a burden to bear at such a tender young age, and wishing she could have taken his place during the surgeries and therapy.....it broke her heart, but the the fact is, he was more than equipped himself to handle things.

    And so, it turns out, was she.

    I believe you will find that you are strong enough to handle this as well. Life truly does go on. You will find the strength to get through this - it is what mother's do - just one of the "burdens" we must bear for our children.
    Love many, trust a few, and always paddle your own canoe

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    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time.
    Smile it makes people wonder what you are up to.

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    Charlotte, as others have said, I'm sorry you are having to go through all this. I know it's hard for mothers to see their children go through unpleasant things. When people tell you it's not a big deal, I think what they are really trying to say is it's not a life-threatening condition.

    I had my tonsils out when I was 11, and I don't remember a thing about the surgery. I know my throat hurt afterward, but nothing about the operation. Children have remarkable healing powers, too. In all probability, the surgery will be a lot harder on you than him.

    Secondly, I'm sorry about your uncle. Two major stresses going on at the same time for you, and one just making the other a lot worse. Just know that a lot of people will have you in their thoughts and prayers.

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    I have nothing to add, just that you and your family will be in my prayers. I think ADK said it all. What a heartwarming post, ADK.

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