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Thread: Fundraising Ideas Needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigrazhia
    1. Kissing booth
    Good luck with your charity!!
    stock the booth with the amazingly beautiful ladies of FORT and I am there with a stack of bills.

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    Unk, Lil Bit's post made me think of something else. I know you see a lot of artwork and photography for sale on restaurant walls, but what if you promoted an "art show" so the stuff wouldn't just hang there forever. I know when I was in my college painting classes, I was always thrilled to get a chance to display my work. If you have a college or university near you (probably a smaller one would be better in this case) , maybe you could contact the director of the Art Department and ask them to put out an invitation for the students to donate a piece. I think a lot of them would be glad to do so. An Art major, by their third or fourth year, will be running into a severe shortage of space to store their artwork anyway! It would probably go over even better if you let the students get 50% of the money; it's true that the cost of supplies keeps them chronically broke.
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