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Thread: Okay this dream is bothering me

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    Hi everyone! I have a friend and we tend to talk over dreams a lot. We have had warning dreams for each other. You know, the kind that leave you real uneasy and so you call and tell her about the dream and it turns out she is planning to do the one thing that was in your dream. So, she can at least be cautious about it.

    And so, I'll give you my five cents worth of interpretation.

    madbanana, it could be that you and your friend, Mandy, are starting to grow in different directions. So, everyone in your dream isn't ok with you dying, but they are ok with you changing. Everyone needs growth.

    Jewelsy, maybe you feel everyone makes your decisions for you. And your old boyfriend Pete is a symbol of independence and he's leading you to your independence. Either he was a source of independence for you in the past and you miss it or he was a pillar of strength for you and guided you. And maybe you feel you're not quite ready (hence the tunnel and "being" blind). Grab the brass ring. And I think scrambling the 9-1-1 numbers means you're not sure of yourself and you're worried about it.

    And to both madbanana and Jewelsy, I hope I don't offend you and hope that you find your answers!

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    Those ar all interesting interpretations. Thanks guys.

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    I have no help for your dialing dream Jewelsy but I can tell you it happens to me all the time. Dunno what it means but you're not alone in that one.

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    So I wonder what that old zombie dream I used to have periodically meant?
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