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Thread: 2003 Detroit Auto Show

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    Chairman: Small Fight At Auto Show 'No Big Deal'

    Show Forced To Close Half-Hour Early, Station Reports
    Posted: 12:43 a.m. EST January 12, 2003

    A small fight near one of the displays during the first day of public viewing at the 2003 North American International Auto Show reportedly shut down the show a half-hour earlier than the scheduled closing.

    Local 4 reported that police were called to the Cobo Arena around 9:25 p.m. after reports of a fight near one of the show's display.

    A witness told Local 4 that there were several small fights inside the arena and outside in the lobby area.

    Bill Demmer, chairman of the North American International Auto Show, confirmed that there was a small fight, but said it was "no big deal" and that most of the patrons at the show didn't even know anything was out of the ordinary.

    Local 4 reported there had been one arrest, but no one was injured.

    Demmer said the auto show is a safe place for visitors.

    Two years ago, police were called to Cobo Arena because of a fight during the 2001 auto show. Six men were arrested during what many described as a chaotic situation. Police said they were able to bring the scene quickly under control.

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    I know a few people who were at the Auto show that night and heard nothing about it until the next day. I guess it was made to be alot more then what it really was.
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    Okay, does the Cien and HY Wire remind anyone else here of the cars in Minority Report? My first thought, really. Nice, though.

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