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Thread: A modem/telephone question

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    A modem/telephone question

    I have a really frustrating problem. My PC is connected to the Internet via a 56K modem and a dial-up connection (yes, there are still a few of us left!). Normally I get a connection speed of 44 or 45K. An extension phone (basic corded phone, 12 buttons, no call display, no extra features) recently died and so I had to buy another no-frills corded phone. Now the problem is that I can not get a connection speed greater than 30K. I have to unplug the new phone in order to get a faster connection. Has anyone encountered this problem and if so, how was it solved? Thanks for any advice.

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    Jay, a couple of questions: Is your modem and phone plugged into the same phone jack (either duplexed or run thru each other)? Also, does it always happen that if you unplug the new phone, your modem speed increases? Is it transmittal or receive speed?

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    First, I think it's appropriate that I'm getting an answer from someone named "PhoneGrrrl".

    Question 1: The answer is yes. The jack for the modem is an extension of the corded phone jack.
    Question 2: Again, yes. The speed is always higher if the phone is unplugged.
    Question 3: I don't know. I just get a message saying "Speed : 45.2 Kbps".

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    Would love to hear what PhoneGrrl has to say about your question. I also connect by a 56K modem, but you are connecting better than me. Mine connects at 24 or 26 bps. I thought it was my computer, so I bought a new one, same connection speed. Guess I should have known it was the phone line, not the computer!! Could have saved myself $1000. I have my computer connected to the phone line my kids use and my satelite is also on that line too. Guess that is what the problem is.
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