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Thread: Movie poster lightbox frame

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    Movie poster lightbox frame

    Has anyone built or bought a Movie Poster Lightbox frame?
    I am really interested in getting one.
    I kinda want minds like any of these
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    You'd probably be best off going to a frame store to get it done instead of trying to build it yourself...if you're gonna go through the trouble & having something framed so nicely, I assume it's a poster worth spending a few $$$ on to have it professionally done

    That's my theory anyhow, but what do I know... lol Not sure what stores ya got around there but around here there's Aaron Brothers which do really nice custom framing work & Michaels, but I'm sure there's tons of other nice framing stores around as well Good luck

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    Yeah they are official movie posters. I want to get them frame cause i like them and in case i get autographs they will already be in good condition (not cause i want to sell them, but keep them)

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