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Thread: Technogeeks unite!

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    Ok I gotta come brag about my new technogeek toy.

    I've been using this PII450 laptop with the keys falling off and a faulty power supply. Finally got my new toy!!

    I ended up going with a Dell refurb, a lot of them are just returned by people who changed their minds. Plus they warranty them well. Anyhoo, it's an Inspiron 1000, Celeron 2.2ghz, 256M RAM (need more, ASAP) , DVD/CD-RW, 30 gig drive, 14" screen, blah blah blah. I usually get P4s for my desktops but the Celeron suits me fine so far.

    I was wondering if anyone had caught that.
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    How do you get in on the Dell refurbs ? thru Dell ? Just asking for my kids. I love my Dell , and it's anti-destruct mode would work well for my kids .

    I got one of those flashy thingys free with my laptop and its sitting unused . I don't move data from place to place though , as all of our computers in the house are networked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geekgirl

    I was wondering if anyone had caught that.

    I did.
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    Eny they have an online outlet store where they sell the refurbs, just pick the model you're looking for on that View Current Inventory drop-down. They go REALLY quick, so you pretty much have to decide what you want at what price range, wait for it to show up, and grab it.

    Oh I guess the address of the store would help huh.

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    AR Boy
    Ahhh haven't been to fort for a couple of days- Finally back up and running on my new computer:
    Intel P4 520 Prescott (2.8GE with 800FSB 1MB lache)
    Kingston 1024MB ram
    400W power supply (Max Power brand but i bet it's not popular in USA lol)
    16X Sony DVD Rom
    16X NEC +/- Dual layer DVD Writer
    Usual floppy drive
    Viewsonic N4 TV box
    Creative Audigy 2 ZS 7.1 sound card
    Creative Inspire T7700 7.1 speakers
    Ati Radeon X800 Pro 256MB DDR3 graphics card
    Asus i865pe motherboard
    Seagate 200GB hard drive
    and a GTR Igloo 13 aluminium case (if u heard of them before lol)

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    Hi, Olivia!
    A question about PDA's: my work just assigned me a Blackberry. Any other Blackberry users? Any hints on Blackberry use for work? Do you like your Blackberry? (By the way, I have the Nextel model, and it wasn't 24 hours before the hardware broke. (I didn't drop it or anything.)

    And to all you PDA fans (especially John and Bill)--do you like Palm more than Microsoft Pocket PC? I can't believe that I want to complicate my life with another Microsoft product, but I actually have tech lust over a Pocket PC, although I currently own a Palm.
    "...Every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things donít always soften the bad things, but...the bad things donít always spoil the good things." - The Doctor

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    Handheld TVs Are GREAT

    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    Any other cool gadgets I'm not aware of?
    Speedy, I carry a Casio handheld TV with a 2.5-inch screen.

    I don't always use it, in fact I only RARELY use it, but it's a real colored television that gets excellent reception and I carry it with me every day 'cause I ride a commuter train for about 2 hours per day and I never know when I might want to watch the news or something else that I want to see (say, perhaps, a REALITY TV SHOW).

    It was particularly wonderful to have the little TV with me when the Red Sox played Game One against the Cardinals in the World Series. I had a previously-made commitement up in New Hampshire and I was bummed out when I found that the Sox made it to the Series and I'd likely miss Game One because of the party up in New Hampshire.

    So I charged up my Energizer rechargeable AAA batteries (a battery recharging system is the ONLY way to go), loaded them into my tiny TV, spent all afternoon and early evening at this party, and then politely excused myself from the party ". . . so that I can make the drive home from New Hampshire to Boston before I get too sleepy."

    Yeah, right. That's what THEY thought.

    In reality, I ditched the party when the first pitch was thrown, I jumped in the car and started driving back down to Boston, and I fired up my trusty little portable Casio TV so that I could listen to Game One of the World Series in peace.

    I never missed a pitch, and that tiny TV was great.

    They're sold at electronics stores and they run about $120. The battery charger cost another $40 or so, but it's been a great investment, even though I don't use it every day.

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    Wow, I haven't seen this thread in a while.

    I got a new cell phone last week. I had my old one for about five years, and figured it was time for a new one. This is it:

    It wasn't cheap, and it doesn't come with a camera, which is fine because I didn't want one anyway. I love it- it's half the size and lighter than my old phone, the battery lasts longer, the reception is excellent and I love being able to download screen savers and ring tones. I've got a picture of Ren and Stimpy on the screen and when it rings it plays the theme from Sex and the City.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Okay, I just bought what I think is my favorite technology item yet...


    It's the "Cruzer" 512-meg USB hard drive. Just plug it into any computer, and you've got a tiny portable storage device, about as big as your pinky
    As a geek, I LOVE these things, but as an HR system admin, they scare me. Too easy for someone to download confidential data!

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    I also got a new cellphone, the Samsung X426. It is quite light, the color screen is sharp and the menu is easy to use. However, I do have a couple of complaints. Sometimes the voice quality fades in and out during a call. The worst complaint? The chess game, at the most difficult level, is too easy to beat.
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