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Thread: Technogeeks unite!

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    I love my thumb drives. I've got four of them now. My main one is a 256MB that i wear around my neck. I've recieved 3 32MB ones as give aways at conferences over the past few months. I like the small ones, because i'm always taking some code or a utility and throwing it on the drive for someone. If it takes them a while to get my thumb drive back to me, i've got others. But no one gets my big one, that is where my current files always reside. This was one of those "How did i ever live without this" tools. Nothing fits on a floppy disk anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brusch
    I have a 128 MB one of those and it's gotten plenty of use the past few months. No more wasting CD's for just a few files or trying to figure out cable connections. It looks like time may have run out on the floppy disk.

    yep that's another great thing about them. I don't even install floppy drives when I build machines anymore and I hate wasting a CD-R just to burn a few little files. I do try to keep CD-RWs around but this is cooler.

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    I love my thumbdrive I've stored all my books & writings on mine & I plan on getting another that I'll lock in a bankbox ... just incase the house burns down... *knock on wood* Mine's a keychain one but I'd feel fairly nervous about carrying it around on my keys....

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    I don't have one, but I think it's so weird that you can make a hard drive that small nowadays.... :p
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    John, I have been meaning to get one of those thumb sized drives. I hear you can some with a key ring set up so you carry it with your keys.

    Oh and I love my Palm Tungsten C. Second best toy ever, right behind TiVo
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    I would LOVE a thumbdrive! It would definitely be much better than using floppies or CDs to transfer my homework from my computer to a school computer so I can print it, especially with the particularly long essays. Also, the floppie drives on the school computers don't always work (in some cases, they even end up deleting the files on your disk), but most of them have USB ports available.
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    Please humor me...... I have an older computer with barely any hard drive space. Now is this something I could use or would it be better to just get a bigger hard drive that is inside the computer?

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    Okay, I stayed away from this thread for the longest because I am about as far as you can get from a technogeek. I'm surprised I even know how to turn this VAIO on.

    I am glad I came in here though, because these thumbdrives sound like something I could definitely make use of. How much should I expect to pay for these? Anyone know a good place to purchase one, maybe online?
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    I got my 512 mb thumbdrive from Circuit City for $109.96. They have all different sizes, for all different prices (you can get them in anything up to about 10 gigs!). And they have a built-in password protection system if you want, so when you plug it in and want to access it, you have to enter your password, and everything's encrypted on it. That way, if you're carrying sensitive info and think you might lose it, it's still secure.

    JunkieGirl, an actual hard drive would probably be a cheaper route to take. They're easy to install.

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    Oh. My. God. I do not understand one freakin' word of this thread. I just wanted to see who the techogeeks were around here, so I know who to run to if I have any problems with my PC
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