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Thread: Tipping

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    Tipping is pretty much the norm here from baggers, to the guys that wash your windshield at the gas station. I always carry spare change in my ashtray, in my car so that I have it ready. I don't mind since I know they are not getting paid much at all, and most tips are only between 60 cents to a dollar. The locals tip only 10 percent at restaurants, but we always tip at least 15, and 20 if the service is excellent. We go to a few restaurants that we really like, and the staff is always happy to see us! I don't mind tipping 20 percent when we go home to Canada, but the level of service usually doesn't even come close.

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    My pizza delivery person always gets a five dollar tip. Servers always get 20+% of the total bill. What really irks me,( because like many years ago when I was managing the dining room of a hotel restaurant and I had to fill in for missing servers.)is my parents tipping - the amount before tax and an exact 15% at the most, 12% is most common. I try to tell them at least 20% is normal, but my Moms answer is "If they aren't making enough money, they should get a different job" which really makes me mad. I then counter with, some of these people like being servers but the wages are really low, her answer? " Then if they like their jobs so much they shouldn't need a large tip" go figure.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by gabriel;2301291;
    my parents tipping - the amount before tax and an exact 15% at the most, 12% is most common. I try to tell them at least 20% is normal, but my Moms answer is "If they aren't making enough money, they should get a different job" which really makes me mad. I then counter with, some of these people like being servers but the wages are really low, her answer? " Then if they like their jobs so much they shouldn't need a large tip" go figure.....
    Gabriel, your Mom sounds like my Mom. Although her response is usually "nobody tipped me in my job so why should I tip them". Usually I leave an extra couple of bucks on top of whatever my parents tip to make up the difference. Getting my parents to tip 10% can sometimes be a battle.
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    I think our parents generation lived through the Great Depression or their version of it and are more worried about mone. Let me preface this by saying I tip 20% of the total bill at restaurants (more if it's a really cheap restaurant or if the bill didn't come to much at all), mainly because it's easy to figure out. But I had heard that you're supposed to tip pre-tax as well, since you're tipping for the food service--not the tax. So I don't think your parents are necessarily wrong on that and if your parents tip 15%, that's not bad regardles off the pre/post tax.

    I'm a wimp and tend to tip even bad servers/hairdresser/etc. who have no business being tipped. For instance, I had my hair dyed once (ok, maybe more than once--but only once this badly!) and the guy left dye all over my face and I still tipped him. I should've told him to clean the dye off first but I was too chicken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rattus;2300563;
    I tip the standard 15-20% at restaurants, food delivery, hotel maid service and valet parking. The only other person I tip is my barber. He charges $12, I give him $20 with no change back (a 67% tip). He's around 70 and complains constantly that he can't retire because no one comes into his shop anymore, so he hasn't been able to put any money aside, and he doesn't do a particularly good job cutting my hair (doesn't do what I ask for and I usually have to fix it when I get home), but empathy keeps me going to him because I'm hoping to see him safely and comfortably retired some day.

    Aww, that is sweet of you Rattus.

    I am kind of stingy when it comes to tips. Even though I worked in food service for many years, I am so particular about service. What most people wouldn't even notice...I do. That being said, we very rarely go out to eat. I'll tip 10-15% depending on service. The pizza delivery I'll tip about 5 bucks. If the weather is bad out, I'll tip more. I actually delivered pizza's one year, and I remember how busy we would get when it would snow. Nobody wanted to be on the roads, but everyone wanted their pizza right now! So yeah, it sucks to deliver pizza. Hairdresser-2 or 3 bucks for a 13$ haircut.
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    I also feel very strongly about tipping the paperboy/girl. These kids are usually teens, still in middle or high school, and they are out there every morning, 7 days a week. Our local paper's policy is that the paper must be delivered before 7 a.m. on weekdays and Saturdays and by 8 a.m. on Sunday. Sure the kids could just toss one's paper all over the yard and not give a damn, but our paperboy/girl comes up our driveway and places the paper between our side door and the storm door. To me, that beats trudging out to the mailbox or picking up windstrewn, paper-soaked papers anyday! Ours collects their money once a month, so I just add on a few bucks to the total, and I always give them a card with a $20 in it at Christmas.

    We usually tip 20% for meals in restaurants, but if the service is poor we will leave something much less....although, thankfully, that is very rare.

    One of the last times we went out to eat, the place was not busy but the waitress was nowhere to be found. We knew what we wanted and gave her the order at the time we ordered our drinks and told her what kind of salad we wanted. She brought out the drinks and salads okay. But that was it. We saw more people coming in well after we did and they were served their meals before us. We sat there with empty glasses and empty salad plates on the table. When she came to take the order of a nearby table, we asked if we could have refills on the drinks. That took much longer than normal too! Finally when she came back out we saw her carrying the tray with the drinks and plates and figured finally we are getting our dinner. Wrong! She just gave us our drinks and then turned around and walked over to the other table and gave that nearby table their dinners. When she walked past us, we asked her where our food was. She just looked at us and said, "It's coming!" along with a roll of the eyes! Arghhhh!

    We finally got our dinners 50 minutes AFTER placing our order. No apologies, nada! And, again, the place was NOT busy! We have gone to this place quite often where one has to wait a good 20-45 minutes to get a seat, if there are no reservations. We had reservations and there was no one waiting for tables. It really was an unusually slow night for this place.

    When the bill came, hubby rounded it off to the next dollar. She got a total of 3 cents for a tip. And we will never go back there again.

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    I noticed my post was deleted so I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I do tip waiters and waitresses, at least 15-20%, always have. But I have seen tip jars in places I don't think belong. And I do think it's confusing when one travels.
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    Re: Tipping

    Upthread a little ways ArchieComicFan mentioned tipping at the commissary. At our commissary (the last time I was there anyway) a sign said baggers work for tips only. I give $2-$3 usually.
    At a couple of our local grocery stores it is against the rules for the baggers to accept tips-any employee for that matter.
    At Panera Bread it says "not to tip" on their table number markers.
    I usually tip on the quality of service. (probably not right-but oh well.)
    Also, some places the servers have to pool the tips and then split them evenly-I don't like that at all.

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    Re: Tipping

    I always tip at least 20 percent, but often more. However, I have left the dreaded 1 penny tip, and was happy to answer the server's questions as to why.

    Over the years, I've learned that tipping well pays off in the long run. I've had cabbies race each other to pick me up when I took a cab daily to work (I had to be in my office at 4AM, and walking the streets of downtown Boston at 4AM just didn't appeal to me).

    The extra few dollars means far less to me than it does to the recipient. BUT, if I get lousy or non-existent service, I have no qualms in leaving a penny and an explanation about the sum.
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    Re: Tipping

    It's funny this thread came up today. Just yesterday I was dining with a gaggle of visiting in-laws and they were undertipping (it came to about 12%) for outstanding service in an inexpensive restaurant. They are not poor and it would have been embarrassing, so I made sure there was more on the pile before we left.

    I always tip at least 15% but usually 20% and sometimes more. Not only is that what I understand to be the norm, but here people work 2-3 waiting jobs just to rent a tiny room.

    When I ran a scuba business, I was amazed that sometimes the obviously wealthiest customers (staying in 5-star resorts, wearing designer clothes, etc) didn't tip at all, while artists staying in hostels often did.

    ETA: Tip jars confused me when they first started appearing for counter service. Now they're pretty much everywhere here. I always put in something as long as the service is okay.

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