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Thread: Are you nosy?

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    I was at SF's Up Your Alley annual festival yesterday and these 2 old ladies I duuno why was waltzing thru there beacuse they did not have the sticker as proof of payment etc. I dunno HOW they got in but either...

    - They were using the closed off block as a short cut or...
    - Wanted to see the scantly clad ppl in leather and what have nots...

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    I am to a degree! I will look at the accident but not slow down to do it!

    I even have pictures of a guy who was going to jump off a high rise balcony in Honolulu one time. sat there with my camera to take the pic. to sell to the papers. I know... thats a terrible thing to do, but I was young and knew the papers would pay for it.

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    Unfortunately I am very nosy. I like to know everything that happens around me.

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    I just listen to what goes around me, but I try very hard not to get in anybody else's business. Gossip can get out of hand quickly especially at the workplaces.

    I will try to get to know more about people if they seem receptive and I don't sense they are uncomfortable with the questions.

    As far as looking a car wrecks, I won't look if I'm the one driving, but I will definitely look if I'm a passenger. Can't help it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinahann

    I'm a Social Worker, and by nature we're curious. It comes with the job, and is required because frankly, what a person says is only a little part of who they are. I guess you could call me nosy in an investigative manner.
    Ditto. I've gotten so good at asking older people in a nice non confrontational way "gee can I look at your pills", "can I check your refrigerator" or asking leading questions, that I have to be careful about what I ask my friends or family so I don't seem too nosy.
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    I guess I am... I came in here didn't I...... LOL

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    I just came in here to see what everyone was saying...

    carry on.
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    Well, I dont think I am nosy, because my friends come to me with their personal problems, because I have this "Dear Ann" or "Dear Abby" sign on my forehead somewhere. They tell me their problems and I try to listen to them and give them advice if I can at all, but than they dont like the advice you tell 'em or someone goes and says I cant believe she said this to another friend, who in turn comes back to you to tell you.. you offended so and so. Well, the solution for that is.. dont come ask me what would you do if you are in this situation if you dont want to know.. etc. Also, I think we all stop to look or "rubberneck" the scene of an accident. It's the human nature in us all. I look to make sure no one is hurt and to check out the cars at how much damage is done, but I dont stop and get out with cam corders or anything to record it.

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    I'm like canadian bunny. All of my friends come to me with their problems. Whatever we discuss is between us until the person I tried to help has a problem with any advice I gave them. It gets annoying after awhile. If I come across an accident, I'll look to make sure no one is hurt, but then just keep moving.
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    I am incredibly nosy, but you might never know it if I had not told you. I rarely ask probing questions and people tend to confide in me...sooooo I have a ton of juicy information that only I will ever know.
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