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Thread: Are you nosy?

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    I am nosy. Or more than nosy, criminally nosy. I found out that my father had been cheating on my mother (this is long time a go, they have worked it out, thankfully) because of my extreme nosiness. Learned my lesson though... I would have preferred not knowing, and since then I try to tell myself "it's none of my business, it's none of my business..." everytime the nosiness monster shows signs of waking up again.

    Another thought: maybe I like reality TV so much because it satisfies my inner nosy person, and I do not need to be nosy about people in "real life".
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I'm as curious as the next person, but I've been on the receiving end of that sort of nosiness, and so I resist the temptation now.

    About 20 years ago I was home from college for Spring Break. We ordered pizza, and then did a stupid thing: we put the empty box in the fireplace and the inside of the chimney caught on fire. Flames were shooting 6 feet out of the top of the chimney outside. I called 911. By the time the 3 huge firetrucks pulled up, the fire had burned itself out. In the half hour or so that they stayed to make sure everything was ok, all the neighbors came out to watch. Watch what? It really irritated me. None of them came up the driveway (about 60 feet) to ask if we were ok or if there was anything they could do. They just stood there gawking, as if they were waiting for something good to happen. We were embarassed to have almost burnt the house down doing something silly, shaky from the scare it (I will never forget the sight and the roar of those flames), and here were all the neighbors all excited and waiting for the fireworks show. There wasn't even anything to see, except fire trucks and flashing lights. I just wanted to yell at the vultures down the driveway to go away. They wanted to see fire for their entertainment. It would be different if we'd known these people, or if any of them had the guts to come up to us and express their support. Nobody did. They just stood down there in little groups and stared.

    I know its human nature, but after being on the other end, I won't be a part of it. The few memories that really stand out for me about that night are the way the torch-like flames lit up the yard and reflected off the trees, speaking to a 911 operator for the first time in my life, and the way I felt about the neighbors gawking at us like they were hoping to watch something terrible happening to us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BorderEevil2
    Then you pull up and see at least 2 cop cars and a whats left off a car or 2 or more if there is. As these cars passing this wreckage who are we looking at?

    - The poilceman?
    - The Firetruck/ Ambulance Workers?
    - Or The Wreckage of The Car?

    We obviously look at the damaged car right?
    Well..actually.... lol ... I'm more prone to look at the police man & the police CAR rather than the wreck (Altho my eyes will swipe across the wreck of course, it's a natural reaction... :-)) I hate this one guy on one of our radio stations who always complains about "lookey-loos" who slows up the traffic because they're looking at the accident. I doubt that he can honestly say that HE passes the scene of an accident without taking as much as a peek...really... I mean...it's no shame in that, it's a natural reaction.... but I dont think he's entitled to raz everyone else for doing that when I'm sure he's not without guilt himself.

    BUT...I am a very nosy person, I'm beyond nosy infact, I'm definitely a voyeur! I love watching everything that's going on, it doesn't even have to be something dramatic like an accident or anything... It can be something trivial like a couple arguing over lunch...a guy chatting on his cell phone... someone running a red light & watch the spanking new cameras we have in ever intersection go off like a firework show on 4th of July ...

    Basically we're all voyeurs...that's why we like watching movies. That's the basic thing is that we can watch these people on the screen, like through a window, without any danger of getting caught staring.... we're ALLOWED to look in their window.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clipse
    I can be very nosy but know when to stay out of peoples business. If I ask them a question I can usually tell when they don't want to answer it. But if someone tells me something in confidence I have a lot of nosy friends and I never tell them.
    Clipsey -- I couldn't have said it better. We're EXACTLY alike.

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    "Busy body" is more how I like to look at it...

    I watch Reality TV where the character's business is my business.

    I subscribe to US Weekly.

    I do look at the wrecks (what else are you supposed to do after having spent the time waiting to pass it?)

    I do look out of my window or hang around outside when something is going on that involves the police etc. Juicy gossip is always good when it involves a neighbor.

    But, when it comes to my friends-I don't ask and I don't tell.
    A Bachelor fan til it dies a slow death and oddly enough, A Rock of Love fan...finest hair extensions from Europe and all. ;-)

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    I am SO nosey! I think it comes from being a control freak though - you have to know what is going on at all times. My husband calls me 'town cop' because I look out the window any time I hear a noise. I'm not doing it to gather 'dirt' I just need to know what's going on in the neighbourhood. There is only 1 neighbour that is openly disgussed between neighbours - they are the bane of the street. The rest of us all look out for eachother. (my neighbours on both sides of us are elderly so we like to keep an eye on them)
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    I am a bit nosy, more like curious. If I know it's none of my business i try to ignore it but sometimes I do want to know whats going on. I'm not overly nosy but I like to know what's going on around me. Anything that involves me, i'm pretty nosy about.

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    Im nosy, My hubby calls me the Sheriff ! I just like to know whats going on.
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    I do like to know what's going on, and I am a little nosy sometimes. Nothing wrong with a little gossip if it doesn't get out of hand. If it's malicious, I usually don't care to hear it. I am just overly sensitive (I suffer from "put yourself in their shoes" syndrome), and I hate to see someone's feelings get hurt (so I watch reality tv, right? :rolleyes), as a result, I tend to always try to be the diplomat. But if there's a firetruck or a police car in the neighborhood, heck, yeah, I am going to try to find out what's going on without being obvious. "Oh, something must be going on a couple of blocks down...hmmm...maybe 10 at night is a good time to casually walk to my mailbox. "

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotuslander
    Me too, it's like my Aunt used to say, 'if you haven't anything nice to say about someone, come sit by me."

    I'm a Social Worker, and by nature we're curious. It comes with the job, and is required because frankly, what a person says is only a little part of who they are. I guess you could call me nosy in an investigative manner.

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