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Thread: Is this a virus, or latte in the touchpad?

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    Is this a virus, or latte in the touchpad?

    Coincidence or not, I spilled a latte in the touchpad of my Dell laptop a few weeks ago. The buttons were sticky for a day, but then all seemed well. Recently my cursor has gone beserk. At various times, the cursor will just take off. If I'm in Word, it will start scrolling through text, even while the pointer remains stationary. If I'm online, it will start highlighting buttons all over whatever website I'm on. If I'm on my desktop, it highlights programs. In all cases, the pointer is stationary, or going where I put it. It's as if there is an invisible pointer that takes over control of the computer (although it doesn't seem to have any purpose except to randomly tick me off.) Sometimes the problem goes away on its own. Sometimes it goes away if I reboot. Sometimes I have to unplug, take out the battery, and wait a minute, then reboot. I ran a freshly updated Symantec this morning and it says I have no viruses. What else could it be? I'm running XP.

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    OK, take a guess then if you don't know. Honestly, I'm at a total loss.

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    It's probably dried latte on a contact or something.

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