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Thread: TV Show Drinking Games

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    Another Amazing Race one:

    - Take one drink when someone whines and complains about how hard it is.

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    AR Boy
    Southpark the movie drinking game:
    Drink when someone says f**k, s**t or any common swear word
    Drink when Cartman says "Shut up Kenny"
    Drink when the term "Canada" is used
    Drink when Saddam Hussein says the word (female dog)

    See you in hospital!

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    Any reality show when a contestant says "surreal" we usually do a shot. It's not mentioned as often as some of the others, however, when some knucklehead utters this word it seems to have a neon glow attached to it and you can't miss it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J.D.
    I'm leaning toward "South Park". Of course they can only kill Kenny once an episode (oops! did I let that slip out?), but several other phrases could be used. I'm getting buzzed just thinking about it.

    eta: I used my 1,000th post to get buzzed. Here's to a new beginning.
    JD, congrats on hitting 1,000! I threw a big, star-studded party when I hit 100, so I can only imagine what you're doing right now.

    South Park is a good one, but is kind of inconsistent. Some words/phrases are said a lot on one show, and not at all on the next one. If you really want to get wasted, drink when they say "sh*t" on the show where they say it 200 times or so.

    To add a few to the list:

    Cartman: "Jew"
    Cartman: "Poor"
    Cartman: "Gay"
    Cartman: "Mom"
    Cartman: "Hippie"
    Cartman: "I hate you guys."
    Cartman: "Screw you guys, I'm going home!"
    Cartman: "Respect my authoritah!"
    Jimbo: "It's comin' right for us!"
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    For Love or Money 4 - Every time Rachel rolls her eyes.

    Oh wait, scratch that idea - just remembered I can't even watch her do that sober without wanting to hurl...

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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    When watching "Days of Our Lives", take a drink anytime they show Nicole with a drink. You'll be plastered by the intermission.

    You can do the same for any daytime or prime time soap operas.
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    online - is there anywhere else?
    In college on a group snow vacation we were playing "Captain" with the old Star Trek series. They had a visiting captain and we had a hard time mixing drinks fast enough! (And that's about all I remember about that trip)
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    When watching Jeopardy, take a drink everytime Ken Jennings get a question right. I dont think there is enough alcohol in this world to do that!

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    Another one we do is when watching Sex & the City, drink every time Carrie makes one of those cringe-inducing puns in her VO.

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    Hi, Olivia!

    The Big Brother 5 Drinking Game

    If Diane gets bullied, take a sip of your drink.
    If Jase or Scott play with their hair, pour your shot back in the bottle.
    If two men are in the bathtub together, take two shots.
    If the two men are members of the Four Horsemen, take another shot.
    If Diane flirts with Drew, drink half a shot.
    If Karen flirts with Drew, drink half a shot.
    If Will flirts with Drew, take two shots.
    Take one shot for every person they show lying in the hammock.
    Take a shot if a naked houseguest is shown taking a shower.
    If a scene appears in nightvision, take a shot.
    If a scene appears subtitled, take a shot.
    If Adria cries, take half a shot.
    To be on the safe side, if Natalie cries, take half a shot. (Note: You'll take a shot if you're like me, and you can't tell the difference between them.)
    If Adria and Natalie are shown playing patty-cake, and you don't know what the hell that has to do with Big Brother, take a shot.
    If Natalie and Adria switch places and Julie Chen explains for the nth frickin' time the deal with the twins, take three shots for the pain!
    If Adria and Natalie kiss, take a shot.
    ...if the kiss is on the lips, drink the bottle! (Woo-hoo!)
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