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Thread: Release your inner fogey

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    33 year old fogey here.

    I hate it when the neighbor turns his radio up loud and I get the bass. He turns it off by 10 but I am in bed by 9.

    Also, don't call my house after 9 unless it is an emergency. I am usually in bed by 9, if I stay up til 10 I am useless without coffee the next day.

    Also, the other day, I caught myself telling my daughter "if your friend jumped off a cliff would you, too?"
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

    #oldmanbeatdown - Donny BB16

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    MIA, RIP, or Busy...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood
    Also, don't call my house after 9 unless it is an emergency.
    I do this too. All my friends and family seem to know this about me too.

    I have also caught myself saying " Don't make me stop this car!" to my kids.

    Cheers fellow fogey!
    A Bachelor fan til it dies a slow death and oddly enough, A Rock of Love fan...finest hair extensions from Europe and all. ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood
    Also, the other day, I caught myself telling my daughter "if your friend jumped off a cliff would you, too?"

    Oh my gosh, I said that to my daughter this very morning!

    (And I asked my neighbour to turn down the bass at 8:40 a while ago, because my children go to bed at 8)

    We fogies are all alike! (35 year old fogey by the way)

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    My parents were waaay strict when I was a teen. No makeup til high school, must be home by eleven, no dates or "driving around" during school nights, no dating til 16, etc... I hated it then, but looking back, I'm thankful that they cared enough to want to know where I was, who I was with, when I'd be home. There's no telling how I would have turned out if I hadn't had these rules.

    The one rule I hated was that my dad always wanted me to drive my friends around. He threw a fit if I went anywhere in someone elses car. He just didn't trust those "crazy girls" that I hung around with. Then he would complain about me always asking for gas money. Go figure.

    I'm a fogey about loud music coming from the neighbors in the evenings. When I have my tv turned up so I can hear over the a/c, the dishwasher, and the washer and dryer, I should NOT be able to hear my neighbors music going "boom, boomboom, boom". That sends me into fits.

    I always tell everyone leaving my house, no matter who, to be careful and watch for deer! So many years of hearing that must have rubbed off on me. ~Fogey@30

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    1. No R-rated movies without permission...until about 16 when it was okay every once in a while to go to one my parents hadn't even seen yet.

    2. No driver's permit until I had taken an official class...so I didn't get my permit till I was 17.

    3. Ear piercings were okay, I had them in sixth grade. I had to take them out because my ears are allergic to just about every kind of earring apparently.

    4. No dating until I moved out of the house. That means if I was 40 and still living in the house, no dating. (Okay, maybe a bit over the top, but you know what I mean.) I dated behind my parents backs anyway! I had my first boyfriend in 7th grade, when I was 12.

    5. I'm still not allowed to watch South Park or Ren and Stimpy...and I don't live with my parents anymore. I don't like South Park anyway, but still.

    6. If I was going anywhere, I had to tell my mother how I was getting there and back, where I was going, when I was going, how long I'd be gone...looking back that was a very good idea because we didn't have cell phones...

    7. No tank tops or short skirts. I only owned one tank top and I only wore it to bed. As for short skirts, I still don't like them. I hate my legs.

    8. I am a cradle Catholic. Every Sunday morning, off to church with my mother while my father went out and played golf. From second grade to about fourth or fifth, I was in the church choir...with ADULTS. I was the only kid. The next youngest person in the choir was about 50. I still go to church, but it's of my own free will.

    9. $3 a week for allowance. No more, no less. My mother would forget for a few months time then suddenly remember and give me a 10.

    10. If I wanted anything in the store, my mom would have to be feeling very generous and have lots of extra money to buy it for me, or I'd have to save up my allowance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by touque
    I realized I was fogeyfying because there are so many things I used to do that now annoy me. For example:
    1.I used to crank heavy metal tunes (AC/DC!!!) in my car and smirk at the older people who would give me dirty looks. Now, when a car goes by with a bass beat to shake my house, I start mumbling @#$$%% under my breath.
    But, toque, that new music sucks. Heavy metal ruled!
    Quote Originally Posted by toque
    2. I wore mini-mini skirts in highschool, and too much make-up too. Now when I see young girls looking like that, I start in with the whole "don't they have any self-respect? They don't need attention from boys to give them self-worth..." speil.
    Ditto,guilty of this too!

    Quote Originally Posted by toque
    3. . It is now one of the things I hate most in the world. Most people camp to get close to nature and for some peace and quiet. If you want to party, do it at HOME!
    I could go on and on....
    This is me exactly!

    To make it worse, my dad was a high school principal.(thank God not at my school) So along with the minister's kids and cop's kids, you know we had to show our asses at every opportunity to prove we were still cool. Mom and Dad tried to be strict, but like Texicana says, where there's a will... I admit being hell bent to be bad!

    But now, I'm just not interested in all that, well not to excess anyway. And I'll be among the first to gripe about too much rowdiness in my vicinity.
    I have no idea why I changed, I didn't even have children or a husband to worry about.
    I have found the Truth and it doesn't make sense.

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    FORTfruity applesauce's Avatar
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    Wow, I must be related to several of you!

    Here are a few of the rules in my household growing up:

    No dating until 16 - I was real cute back then and didn't turn 16 until my junior year! Lot's of sneaking out but was ultimately caught and embarrassed horribly in front of the young man.
    No phone calls (received or made) after 9:00 pm
    No phone or TV in my room
    No swearing
    No saying "shut up" - boy did I get slapped once! Never said it again.
    No sex :rolleyes - I had 2 sisters get pregnant rather young so I got sent to Catholic school.
    No talking back
    No skin revealing clothing
    Church every Sunday, no exception. If we went without our parents, we had to bring home a bulletin and specifics from the sermon

    I think it sounds worse than it was. I was overall a good kid but my siblings weren't. My parents were fairly lenient once I hit my senior year without getting pregnant and realized I had some pretty high goals for myself

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    One more real big fogey issue - If a boy wanted to date me, they had to come to the door and meet my parents - I wish my nieces had to abide by that one. It seems they are always out with "some guy" that no one has ever met. Worrisome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by applesauce
    .......Church every Sunday, no exception. If we went without our parents, we had to bring home a bulletin and specifics from the sermon
    My then g/f used to run in and get one and then run back out. She told me that she used to go as far as using ashes from the ash tray on ash Wednesday to fool her parents. I should have known then not to marry her.

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    I guess I'm a fogey at 32.

    My neighbor has a visitor that drives up and down the road at least 10 times a day (no I'm not exaggerating) with the bass thumping. I wouldn't mind so much except he does it all day every day and it wakes Mr. VJ up when he works nights. Sometimes I think when he leaves, he just goes to the end of the road, turns around and comes back. It's really starting to grate on my nerves.

    Ha! Ha! There he goes again. Sheesh!
    A man can convince anyone he's somebody else, but never himself. - Verbal Kint from the movie The Usual Suspects

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