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Thread: Calling all entrepreneurs

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    Wow such great advice from everyone! Thanks a bunch! You all have given me some things to think about. If I try this idea I have, it will definitely be "on the side" at first and it does involve more consulting than actual labor/materials to keep track of.

    It's a big leap. I appreciate everyone's perspective.
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    One thing I learned is that it is a good idea to incorporate whatever business you start, so that if the business were to ever go under, or if any legal action were brought against the business, they couldn't go after your personal assests - only the business assests. It just protects your personal assest that way.

    I also agree that partnerships are very tricky creatures, and even the best of relationships can be destroyed. Mr. Chrelsey and I were burned BIG TIME but a couple we thought we knew well and considered close friends. We thought we were all on the same page in the beginning, but our "friends" quickly went against everything we had agreed on, and getting out of the partnership involved lawyers, lots of lost sleep, and the loss of a friendship.

    I agree with John on the different kind of mindset you have to have when working from home. I just started working from home for my regular job, and then Mr. Chrelsey and I have our own lawn and landscape business on the side. It is sometimes difficult to draw the line between work and home - either by goofing off when you should be working, or doing work when you should be having family time. One thing I make it a point to do for my regular job, is when I get off at 3 p.m., I close my office door and don't open it back up again until the next morning. If I go in there for ANYTHING, I am way too tempted to check e-mail or take care of "just one last thing."

    It is definitely a lot of hard work, and sometimes longer hours than you would put in on a normal job, but there are so many upsides as well . . . .being your own boss, doing things the way you think is best, and the overall sense of accomplishment that you will most likely feel when it really starts to blossom!

    Good luck!
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