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Thread: Calling other sleepwalking FORTers?

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    Calling other sleepwalking FORTers?

    Is there any other sleepwalkers out there?

    I've been sleepwalking since I was old enough to walk, and I'm still doing it. Last night I jumped out of my bed and was running from the police for some reason (I was virtually RUNNING in my sleep...I mean come on, I don't even run when I'm awake!). I was hiding in a closet so the police wouldn't find me, but it turns out that I was actually standing behind the wall in our bathroom...
    I actually woke up from my dream this time, which is the first time in my entire history of sleepwalking. Normally I do whatever I'm dreaming and go back to bed, then the next day I'll wake up with vague recollections of dreams, or my husband will tell me I was out wandering about... or I'll notice things like the TV is on, or I'm fully clothed, one time I emptied an entire bag of old magazines all over the floor... I could go on and on lol.

    It's not a problem really... I have never gone outside (although there has been attempts but I've been stopped by someone who leads me back to bed...).

    Do we have any other chronic sleepwalkers in here? Is there anyone who knows anything about sleepwalking? Like why? Why do some people sleepwalk while others have never done anything like it in their life?
    I've done it my whole life, but ironically I dont know much about it.

    Anyway, it's kind of funny & also...if there are any other sleepwalkers like me out there, this could be a thread of fun stories.... (I've got other sleepwalking stories to share too but hey... I'm not gonna put it all in one post lol.)

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    I'm not a sleepwalker, but how cool would it be if we could do an hour on the treadmill at night -- IN OUR SLEEP! .

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    I have very vivid dreams, that seem to go on for a long time, but I don't get up.

    However, when I was six, my grandfather had a stroke while visiting relatives in Ontario, and died three days later. We drove up from Michigan right away before he died, spent several days there and then flew with my grandmother back to their home in Vancouver for the funeral.

    Starting in Ontario, I began falling out of bed and climbing back in without waking up. The adults who were around would hear a thud, come in to check on me, but I'd be in bed, right on the edge. Finally in Vancouver, I was sleeping in a really high bed and woke up when I hit the floor.

    I fell out of bed regularly for several years afterwards, and it was always accompanied by the same dream. There was a hole in the middle of my bed that was like the top of a tube slide. I'd twist and turn on the slide and my momentum was strong enough that I would keep going even when the slide went up higher, like a roller coaster. Finally it ended with a hole in the middle of my ceiling and I'd fall onto my bed, only I'd really be on the floor!!!

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    I don't sleepwalk, but the people around me definately do My sisters, my husband, my sons.

    One good one was when my youngest sister once walked out of the house and went to car, and she sat there, speaking in her sleep that she wanted to go to summer cabin and not be left alone at home. It is amazing how the sleepwalkers know exactly where they are heading.

    My husband has been better lately, but he used to suddenly sit up in his sleep, starting to hit everything around him. He explained that there were rats and snakes all over the bed. (And everytime I am thinking 'not again...':rolleyes) It's a fun thing to tease him about, though
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I've had really bad insomnia recently and my GP prescribed sleeping tablets to try to kick my system into a better sleeping pattern. I was falling asleep at 4am and waking at 8am. Never realised until then how bad insomnia was. Anyway, the tablets sent me really loopy. I was wandering the house in a daze, munching cereal from a box and god knows what else. Only fully realized what I had been up to by following the trail of cereal around the house the next morning, and found my undies scattered all over the floor! It just goes to show what you can get up to when you're really sleepwalking. Luckily sleep pattern kicked back in and am sleeping much better now!

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    Good thread because I've recently (or at least as far as I know, recently) have been sleepwalking. The only way I know is that I'll go to bed in my room and then in the a.m., I'll wake up somewhere else, usually the couch or chair in the living room. It concerns me about going outside, as I live alone & have kind of strange steps out of my house.

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    Veejer, you jogged my memory. I think I have only sleep-walked one time.

    I was about three or four years old and was dreaming that I was in a haunted house, but for some reason I wasn't scared. In the dream, I was walking down the hall, peering into the dark rooms, and I was vaguely aware that there was a light at the end of the hall. Suddenly Bugs Bunny - yes, Bugs Bunny - came out of one of the rooms and said "What's up, Doc?" to me. At that point I got scared and started running down the hall, and I woke up in the bathroom sink - with my pillow. I remember it very well, because I had not climbed up into the sink before and had a tough time getting down. Very strange, indeed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Belfastgirl
    I've had really bad insomnia recently and my GP prescribed sleeping tablets to try to kick my system into a better sleeping pattern.
    Gee, that must be Ambien you are talking about, Belfastgirl. I have a medical problem that just drives me nuts sometimes and I can't sleep. The doctor prescribed Ambien for me. It's a hypnotic drug...rather than a sedative, so it can cause amnesia.

    I have done all sorts of things in the middle of the night and not know I did them until I found the "evidence" or someone told me. One time, not too long after I had surgery on my jaw...I got up and went downstairs, talked to my daughter, got a box of Red Hot candies and took them up and ate the entire box. I don't remember any of this. Funny (or it could have been not-so-funny, but luckily it didn't hurt me) is that I wasn't allowed to eat things like Red Hot candies so soon after my jaw surgery (they fractured my jaws and hard candies could cause them to re-fracture ..when I was awake I was afraid to eat anything other than mashed potatoes and soup!).

    Other things I have done include responding to my husband when he spilled a big quart of ice tea next to the bed. I guess I told him not to bother cleaning it up because the house looked like anyway. I have no idea why he would listen to me when I told him not to bother...I had a sticky icky mess to clean up in the morning. I have also sent text messages from my phone that I don't remember. When I was told that I did something like that - I tried to cover it up - hoping that my daughter or my husband would not notice I had no clue about what they were talking about. I pulled it off too...I guess I was functional enough even though I don't remember it...they didn't notice that I wasn't awake. Weird feeling.

    Needless to say...I try to avoid this medication now
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    I used to sleepwalk so much when I lived with my mom. Since having kids, I guess seeing I don't sleep, I can't sleepwalk~lol

    One time, my husband and I spent 5 days at a hockey players house (Shayne Corson)in Ontario and we were using his daughter's room to sleep. Well... as luck would have it, I slept walk in his daughter's closet and kicked one of her musical toys in the middle of the night. my husband was so embarrassed, he turned me around and I was back in bed. Noone said anything the next morning so I'm hoping they never heard a thing.

    Another time when I was younger, I got dressed for work in my uniform in the middle of the night and put my contact lenses on and everything. I was about to call a cab, don't know what happened afetr, I woke up in the morning dressed and with my contacts in so thank goodness I hadn't called a cab.

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    I only remember sleepwalking once. I was incredibly tired. I had worked the midnight shift with little sleep. I went home and went to bed and had a dream I was at work. In the dream my bedroom window became the drive up window (I worked at a truck stop). I went into the front room and told my roommat that "the guy at the window wants a pepsi". She turned me around and led me back to bed.

    Talking in my sleep is another story...that I do, especially if I am really tired.
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