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Thread: Calling other sleepwalking FORTers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaius
    Do you guys have your eyes open when you sleepwalk? Some of the stories I'm reading seem to require open eyes. And if your eyes are open are there any specific attributes about you when sleep walking that can show that you're sleepwalking rather than awake. Other than the general weirdness of some of the things you do, that is. This is fascinating stuff.
    When I sleepwalked while taking Ambien medication, I have my eyes open and walk, talk and do everything normally. I have done this several times with my kids or my husband. They don't know to this day that I have no memory of the incidents at all. For instance, I was staying with my daugther one night. Apparently my grandson woke up in the middle of the night and wanted Grammy. I asked my daughter "why didn't you wake me up?"....and she said "I did...and you rocked him back to sleep" -- I sort of changed the subject saying "Oh, right!" - so she doesn't know I have no memory of rocking him back to sleep. Apparently, I did a fine job rocking him and putting him back to bed. I am not about to tell anyone that I was not conscious...I'm old...they may put me in a "home"

    My youngest daughter walked in her sleep a lot when she was in grade school. She started getting ready for school at 1am - we would have to gently tell her that it wasn't time (her eyes were open, she looked like she knew what she was doing)...usually, her sleepwalking self would get mad at us and tell us "Okay, nevermind!!!" and go back to bed. She had very little memory of what happened...although she sometimes remembered the being mad and yelling "Okay, nevermind!!"
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    My nephew used to sleep walk when he was about ten . They had to put a very high bolt lock ( he couldn't reach) on the front door because they found him walking down the middle of the road about 2 am. Luckily he lives in a very quiet neighbourhood or he could have easily been run down by a car or something. He has since grown out of it , but very scary.

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    I'm not a sleepwalker but I found this thread very interesting to read. I have heard that its dangerous to wake up a sleepwalker. Is this true?
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    I don't sleepwalk, but I do a lot of very interesting and alarming talking in my sleep (usually sitting up with my eyes open). I woke up one morning and my husband was sitting up glaring at me and said "do you have something you need to tell me?". I'm thinking "did I bounce a check? did I tell someone he had a pimple on his butt? what?! what?!"

    Apparently during the night I sat up and jiggled him awake saying "Wayne! Wayne! get out of bed...Gina's coming over!". My husband's name was Mark. Wayne and Gina were our best friends. He says I did a variation on that twice during the night. Didn't look good. I had no memory of dreaming that I'd slept with Wayne, and I definitely hadn't done it while awake either.

    When I married my current husband I made him promise to give me marital-immunity for anything I say in my sleep! I still talk a lot, but he says that mostly I laugh in my sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravs
    I'm not a sleepwalker but I found this thread very interesting to read. I have heard that its dangerous to wake up a sleepwalker. Is this true?
    Yes that's what I've heard too, and I can probably think of a couple of reasons why. First of all, nobody knows what goes on in the dream of a sleepwalker. For instance, if I'm out fighting a war, in a boxing arena or perhaps armed with a baseball bat in search of an intruder, in my dream, a person trying to wake me or interfere with the dream may get punched and seriously hurt (sounds funny lol, but seriously...I'm in a different world while sleepwalking & have no clue what's real & what's not...a person trying to wake me could be perceived as the intruder I'm looking for and get socked...).

    Also, sometimes we perform stunts that we wouldn't be able to do while awake...like for instance (although I've never done this particular stunt) I've heard of people balancing on rooftops ... if woken up while in this state, I would realize what I was doing, wake up & fall of the roof. In my dream I'd be confident in what I was doing & manage to walk across the roof just fine.

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    My sisters have walked on narrow beams when asleep (our house was partially under construction), and they did it effortlessly. Of course my mother was there next to them following just in case, but she did not dare to wake them up in fear of them actually falling. Not a big fall, maybe 50 cm, but if they can do it asleep, then rather not risk it (by waking them up) I guess. I would imagine if one wakes up sleepwalkers too suddenly they will be really disoriented and could actually hurt themselves, like Wyndemere said.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I'm a sleepwalker, have done some very strange things too, like thrown ashtrays, and stuffed pillows in Windows. As a teenager, I'd get dressed for school etc, and wake up the next morning on the couch. My weirdest experience though, was on a trip I made with my best friend's to his Mother's cottage, and she had just remarried and I had never met the new step-father ( no. 4 ) . Anyway, sometime during the night I started sleep walking and my friend and I were sharing a bedroom. He freaked out, started screaming, thought spirits were possessing me, which startled me out of my sleep and I started screaming too. I'm sure the new step-dad thought we were both completely insane. I still sleep in pajamas just in case I take a midnight walk.

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