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Thread: Calling other sleepwalking FORTers?

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    My husband used to sleepwalk, but he hasn't for a long time. When he was in college, he got up and peed on his roommate's desk one night. Every so often nowadays I'll wake up in the middle of the night to find him searching through the covers for something. If I ask him what he's looking for, he'll have a funny answer.

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    I used to sleepwalk when I was little. My mom said she'd see me coming towards the living room and just "Glenna, it's time to get back in bed now."

    There are two incidents I remember. I used to have bad dreams about bridges all the time. I dreamed that a bridge had collapsed and I was trying to climb down a rope to safety. When my grandma woke me up the next morning, my flat sheet was off the bed and was laying in the floor in a straight line with one big knot in the middle of it. That was a weird feeling.

    The other was just a few years ago. I got out of bed and went in the bathroom next to our bedroom. My husband woke up, he says, just in time to see me take a short run and "fly" into the bed, a water bed, nonetheless. I woke up when I was almost thrown out of the bed by the tidal wave that occured. He loves to tell that story. :rolleyes

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    Ok I apologize for being rude, but these stories are funny! I don't know what I would do with someone who was sleepwalking, and I'm sure it wouldn't be funny now would it?

    I was watching an early morning show about kids who have night terrors. The kids were put in bed earlier than usual--shorten the bedtimes in small increments. Then about 30-45 minutes after they fell asleep they were gently woken up. Voila no more night terrors. I wonder if this works for those who suffer from sleepwalking? Because I am wondering if sleepwalking is related to night terrors by the very fact that deep sleep is involved? Hmmmmm?
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    I sleepwalk, but don't do it very often. I've woken up in the laundry room, outside under a walnut tree (it was in the backyard), and I've scared the crap out of my mom and sister a couple of times. When I was about 11, I sleptwalked up to my sister and punched her! I'm not a violent person at all, so I was pretty surprised when I heard about it the next day. She still punched me back though.
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    Do you guys have your eyes open when you sleepwalk? Some of the stories I'm reading seem to require open eyes. And if your eyes are open are there any specific attributes about you when sleep walking that can show that you're sleepwalking rather than awake. Other than the general weirdness of some of the things you do, that is. This is fascinating stuff.
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    Sleepwalking is SO strange. My brother sometimes will walk around at night and talk to me. I'm such a light sleeper, so when he gets up I wake up too. He sometimes talks about vacations, or he'll even start swearing, like "You know what, I'm not putting up with the S*** anymore. I'm going to Canada, and I don't care what the f*** you say." I just say, "go back to bed, You're sleepwalking." It's so weird how sleepwalkers are so convinced that they're making sense.

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    Wow! Cool thread!

    Count me among the sleepwalkers. Although, I don't think I have walked in my sleep in quite some time. I do, however, talk in my sleep, but usually in situations that are not "normal" sleeping situations. Like when I go on vacation and I am away from my normal bed. Or the first night out camping. Things like that where it is out of the ordinary. My ex-girlfriend hated it. She was a very light sleeper, and here I am tossing and turning, and having random conversations in the middle of the night. (It's abnormal for me to be sharing a bed )

    My best sleepwalking story, though, comes from when I was younger, and I was on a weekend trip to Wisconsin with my dad and my brother. The cabins we stayed in were small, 2 bedrooms joined by a common bathroom, and then a small "living room" off of our bedroom. Anyway, I recall vividly having dreams about sailing on a ship with a bunch of people I know. My dad tells me that he came to check on us in the middle of the night because he heard voices. And there I was, out of bed, sitting in the living room, talking to myself, and pretending to steer a boat. He didn't wake me up, but he suggested to me that I go to bed and get some sleep. And I did. He told me all about it the next morning, and I only remembered the dream.
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    These stories are really funny lol, I'm glad I'm not the only looney sleepwalker around here. lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zaius
    Do you guys have your eyes open when you sleepwalk? Some of the stories I'm reading seem to require open eyes.
    My husband says my eyes are open when I sleep walk and it's just like I'm up and about, if didn't know me better he'd think I was wide awake.

    I know that my balance & dexterity is MUCH better when I sleepwalk than it is normally when I'm awake. I remember my mom telling me about a sleepwalking adventure I had when I was a little kid. I walked to the front door & was standing there, yelling for my brother to come out & play with me.
    Anyway, she woke up & lead me back to bed. The floor in my room was scattered with toys but I placed my feet perfectly in the empty spots and got back to bed without stepping on anything at all ...
    It's funny, I never kick my toe or anything like that, which I frequently do when wandering about in the dark ....

    (I guess this is why one should never wake a sleepwalker, we're perfectly able to manage on our own, our subconsciousness somehow stears us clear of any obstacles on the floor)

    Ok I apologize for being rude, but these stories are funny! I don't know what I would do with someone who was sleepwalking, and I'm sure it wouldn't be funny now would it?
    Not rude at all, & it actually is quite funny, at least my husband gets a kick out of it everytime I wake up & he has a new story to tell me about my nightly adventures lol ... He recently told me he is frequently up at night, leading me back to bed & I have no idea, I guess there are some stories he HASNT told me too, I didnt know I was out that much lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirlittan
    My husband has been better lately, but he used to suddenly sit up in his sleep, starting to hit everything around him. He explained that there were rats and snakes all over the bed. (And everytime I am thinking 'not again...':rolleyes) It's a fun thing to tease him about, though
    As I said before, I don't sleepwalk, but do have vivid dreams. Tirlittan's post reminded me that probably about once a week I'll wake up suddenly from a dream and it will seem so real that I'll have to check it out. But I am awake.

    Some recent ones:

    -Ants in the bed - I got out my flashlight and checked under the sheets.

    -Bedroom floor flooding - again checked it out with my flashlight, but thinking that the most likely floor to flood would be the basement, I trekked down there from our bedroom on the second floor.

    -Something burning in the kitchen - raced down to check it out.

    When I come back to bed, my husband's usual response is, "What did you dream about this time?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by KaiCee
    Gee, that must be Ambien you are talking about, Belfastgirl. I have a medical problem that just drives me nuts sometimes and I can't sleep. The doctor prescribed Ambien for me. It's a hypnotic drug...rather than a sedative, so it can cause amnesia.

    I have done all sorts of things in the middle of the night and not know I did them until I found the "evidence" or someone told me. One time, not too long after I had surgery on my jaw...I got up and went downstairs, talked to my daughter, got a box of Red Hot candies and took them up and ate the entire box. I don't remember any of this. Funny (or it could have been not-so-funny, but luckily it didn't hurt me) is that I wasn't allowed to eat things like Red Hot candies so soon after my jaw surgery (they fractured my jaws and hard candies could cause them to re-fracture ..when I was awake I was afraid to eat anything other than mashed potatoes and soup!).

    Other things I have done include responding to my husband when he spilled a big quart of ice tea next to the bed. I guess I told him not to bother cleaning it up because the house looked like anyway. I have no idea why he would listen to me when I told him not to bother...I had a sticky icky mess to clean up in the morning. I have also sent text messages from my phone that I don't remember. When I was told that I did something like that - I tried to cover it up - hoping that my daughter or my husband would not notice I had no clue about what they were talking about. I pulled it off too...I guess I was functional enough even though I don't remember it...they didn't notice that I wasn't awake. Weird feeling.

    Needless to say...I try to avoid this medication now

    I think in the UK some medications have different names. Can't remember exactly what my tablets were, something beginning with "Z", but they went straight back to the pharmacy. However, you're experiences sound very similar. I live on my own and it really scared me that I could have done something really dangerous.

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