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Thread: Fair and Speedy Trial??

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    Fair and Speedy Trial??

    Okay, to say I'm highly amused is an understatement.

    Somebody please define *fair and speedy* for me. Somehow I'm thinking my situation doesn't qualify.

    I got a speeding ticket on I695 in Bedford Hills, NY on February 1, 2002. The cop even told me that they were so backed up that he'd recommend requesting a trial date and if they don't get back to me within 6 months then it will be thrown out.

    Today, June 25, 2004 I got a notice in the mail saying my court date has been scheduled for July 28, 2004. Somehow I dont think 2 1/2 years qualifies as speedy... even in New York.

    How much trouble do you think I'll get in if I call and laugh my ass off at them on Monday morning???

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    First of all,

    That's ridiculous! I'd tell them I don't remember getting the ticket in the first place!

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    We have a little trick here, we can cancel our court date a max of 3 times. So you cancel it twice, then come in the 3rd time and the cop never shows up and it gets thrown out, or they forget about you. I would take notes of everything you remember and what the cop did wrong. Your memory will be fresh of what happened the cop will not remember you at all. I doubt you will have to pay in the end.

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    you can always try the "it wasn't me" schtick.

    that is absolutely ridiculous. sounds like your cops are handing out a wee bit too many tickets.

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    It is ridiculous but I wouldn't call and laugh at them. Last year I went to Florida for vacation in March and got a ticket. I paid it when I got home to Seattle because it was just too ridiculous to try to fight it from 3000 miles away. Imagine my surprise when 6 weeks later I got a notice from the Washington State Department of Licensing that my driver's license would be administratively suspended June 1 if I did not deal with the ticket and giving me the number of the court in Florida. I called and got the automated call system from hell which after getting through approximately 15 menu choices told me the violation had been satisfied. I won't bore you with the 6 phone calls it took me to get the thing straightened out. What I learned is that almost all of the states have reciprocal agreements to suspend your license if you don't appear or pay a ticket received in another state. As to the speedy trial question, unless you some how waived the right, I'm pretty sure you are right that 2 1/2 years isn't going to cut it even in NY.

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    I would appear for my court date, and take care of the fine. Be sure to keep all records, showing you paid it, because you never know when this may come back to bite you on your ass. My brother had a time proving he paid a speeding ticket, and they had even suspended his license because their records showed the speeding ticket hadn't been paid, although he had a receipt showing different. It was a pain in the ass, but it is definitely something you want to take care of.

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