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Thread: What's your home town famous for?

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    Toronto Ontario

    The Maple Leafs
    The world's largest Phallic Symbol... er, I mean Tower (The CN Tower)
    Our ex-mayor Mel Lastman (he just couldn't keep his foot out of his mouth!)
    The Hockey Hall of Fame
    The Raptors
    The world's largest street starts in Toronto (Yonge Street is 1,896km long)
    We have the only castle in Canada (Casa Loma - it took over 3 years to build and was completed in 1914)
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    My hometown of Anderson, South Carolina does not have the pedigree of famous things that many here have!

    However, it is the home of Radio (the inspiration of the movie) and the "illustrious" Cameran from Real World (okay, so she's not so famous, but Radio's movie was pretty good!).

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    Broadway - We used to go to Frankenmuth almost every summer! It's a really cool place and we'd eat soooo much fried chicken. Also, this one restaurant had the best mashed potatoes on earth.

    Duxxy - Even more embarrassing, I went on a trip last summer to Sudbury, (and all of Northern Ontario, actually) and we drove around and around trying to FIND the damn Nickel. We were so blind!

    My hometown is actually very small, but since it's very close to where I live now, I'll do that...

    London, Ontario
    *Named after London, England. We also have a Thames River here. We have Double Decker tour buses here in the summer that a total of 50 people actually ride. That's about it with the similarities.
    *Known as the Forest City for all the trees
    *Jenny Jones is from London as are a bunch of hockey players, including Eric Lindros
    *World class health care facilities... many organ transplants from all over the world take place here

    The small city where I went to high school, Strathroy, Ontario, is known for this...
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    Oh god. Jenny Jones is Canadian!? I apologize to the world on behalf of Canadians everywhere for Jenny Jones and Celine Dion..

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    My hometown of Saint Louis is famous for:

    The Saint Louis Arch-The Arch is the tallest national monument in the United States at 630 feet and 4th most-visited tourist attraction in the world.

    The Saint Louis Zoo-The Saint Louis Zoo is ranked the #1 zoo/animal park for the nation!

    The Magic House- In fact, in 2001 FamilyFun Magazine selected The Magic House as one of the top 12 family destinations in the nation-the only Missouri attraction to win that award.

    Shaw's Botanical Garden's-Founded in 1859, the Missouri Botanical Garden is one of the oldest botanical institutions in the country and a National Historic Landmark.

    Forest Park-Forest Park, officially opened to the public on June 24, 1876, is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. At 1,293 acres it is approximately 500 acres larger than Central Park in New York.

    William Bent fur trader, pioneer,
    Yogi Berra baseball player
    William Burroughs writer
    T. S. Eliot poet,
    Sara Teasdale poet,
    Roy Wilkins civil rights leader
    Vincent Price actor,
    Redd Foxx actor, comedian
    St. Louis was the nation's first home rule city
    1904 World's Fair
    1904 Olympic Games
    Dredd Scott Case(Old Courthouse)
    The Muny Opera
    Joseph Pulitzer

    The Black World History Museum-The St. Louis Black World History Museum is one of only two of its kind in the county. The other is in Baltimore, MD.

    Cohakia Mounds- The remains of the most sophisticated prehistoric native civilization north of Mexico are preserved at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

    Saint Louis Rams
    Saint Louis Blues
    Saint Louis Cardinals
    Saint Louis Aces

    Lacledes Landing

    Trans World Dome
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue_cool
    Singapore (a country) too small, hence I'll just consider it at my Hometown , famous FOR:

    1. Banning Chewing Gum.....

    6. Still does capital punishment "by hangings"
    Chewing Gum is banned?? What's the punishment if you get caught chewing gum???

    Quote Originally Posted by Blue_cool
    5. Chicken Rice (good local dish)
    That sounds yummy...is it like Teriaki Chicken on top of rice? (sorry, I'm from the States and am really interested in how other countries eat
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clipse

    I now live in Abbotsford, B.C.:
    Has the most churches per capita in the world
    Are you positive? I could swear this place where we live now has the most churches anywhere possible. They are like mushrooms after rain, new ones sprout up all the time and the old ones get bigger every year. I don't know where they get all new people to go in because I don't think this area is exactly expanding population wise either.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    What I consider my home town, Buena Park, CA, to be is famous for Knott's Berry Farm

    Walter Knott helped develop the Boysenberry

    When I grew up it was just a Berry Farm with a few amusing things like a Ghost Town, a Bottle house, a stagecoach and no entrance fee. It is now a major amusement park that rivals Disneyland which is located about five miles away from Knott's.

    We also considered our town famous for the Alligator Farm . It had lots of Alligators and a Tortiose that they let us kids ride on! It was totally cool. It's not there now...I think there is a big hotel there instead

    So, now you have everything you ever needed (or wanted) to know about Buena Park, CA...but, hey...I'm having fun putting links in my posts And, if you ever visit Southern California...Buena Park is just a freeway away from Disneyland, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Tijuana, Mexico
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    legal Gay marriages, CN tower,Blue Jays and the Leafs,clean city water,safe public transit,decriminalized pot smoking / possession under x amount of grams,Gay Pride Parade, celebrated Multi cultural villages(little Italy, The Danforth, China Town,etc) so many more,but most famous for our great , kind, friendly,polite ,peaceful people.

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    Fascinating thread idea, Belfastgirl!

    Where I grew up: Redondo Beach, CA. It's mentioned in a Beach Boys song. Other than that it's known for the place Squeaky Fromme grew up as well as the Smothers Brothers .

    Where I live now, Redwood City, is known for hosting the Scott Peterson trial. Also, it's named after all the redwood trees that were cut down out of the Santa Cruz mountains and shipped out of the port here. There aren't really any redwoods here.
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