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Thread: What's your home town famous for?

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    I've almost hit a deer up on the mountain here where I live. Came out of no where and I had to slam on the brakes. If I hit it though I would have brought it home...ok maybe not but at least I would have a better story to tell. Out here you can see every kind of animals, I saw black bears while camping, that was scary. Racoons came into our camp site and a stupid friend peed on one, long story. Gotta love B.C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    Ok,not famous for this, but I saw a moose in Thunder Bay, standing right on the road.
    I still get excited at the sight squirrels running along the street.
    I was ecstatic when a hummingbird hovvered around the flowers in my garden, but the moose was the higpoint of my wildlife encounters since I've lived in Canada.
    Lame I know, but I'm a city girl and I was thrilled.
    That's funny Fluff about the moose. Our area is known for moose and deer running out on the highway. And some don't move no matter how big the vehicle is---transports don't scare em either!

    I am not too outdoorsy so I don't see wildlife too often....but I once saw a moose whose legs were so long that the underbelly was taller than the roof of the car. Dangit I didn't realize how BIG they were!
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    Re: Moose (mooses?) Only saw one once (while camping in the ADKs) - they ARE huge. Was lazily canoeing way early one morning and one was in the water, feeding - didn't notice us as we were drifting along (we weren't too close) but it kinda scared the cr*p outta me when it raised its head. It was in fairly deep water, so I can only imagine how big they must seem on dry land. (Sorry for the threadjack)
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    The only wildlife we have here that you might see in the countryside are foxes, badgers and squirrels. Needless to say most is roadkill, although I did see a little squirrel dive into a hedge on a windy country road today.

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    My home town is Lansing, Michigan.

    It's the birthplace of:
    *Steven Seagal
    *Timothy Busfield
    *Magic Johnson
    *The Verve Pipe (anyone remember "The Freshmen?")

    and home to the Michigan State Capitol Building and Bioport (makers of the anthrax vaccine).

    Adjacent to Lansing is East Lansing, home of Michigan State University, the nation's first land-grant university and alma matter for Bachelor Bob Guiney, Bubba Smith, and Magic Johnson.

    Adjacent to East Lansing is Okemos, where Tom Welling graduated high school.

    Oh, and finally- Malcolm X lived in Lansing as a child.


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    Well, not famous outside of their own little minds, but I went to high school in Jefferson, Oregon (no not the ethnically diverse Jefferson High School in Portland, OR). Their claim to fame is the annual Mint Festival, during which is a frog jumping contest. Honestly, I've never even been, but people would catch the frogs at my parents place. This festival has Mint Festival Princesses, who would earn their way to queen by selling tickets - I think, it's been awhile. We always called them the Frog Princesses.

    (My apologies to any current or former Frog Princesses out there )
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    Not sure if this is really very famous

    My home town is Watertown, South Dakota. Our only real claim to fame is we have the Terry Redlin Art center and are the hometown of artist Terry Redlin. I dont know if any of you have heard of him, but I hear he is quite popular around the country and has been voted America's top artist a few times or something. He does wildlife art mainly---I'll post a link

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    CaNaDiAn FaN
    I've neer heard of him, but I can see he has nice work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaNaDiAn FaN
    Slurpee capital of the world!
    Got to be Winnipeg! I am not a big fan of slurpee's but they are everywhere in Winnipeg!

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