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Thread: What's your home town famous for?

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    Reading your thoughts
    Thousands of single women moved in, that was before the show aired, way back in time when everyone liked him.

    Now it's a ghost town.

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    dallas, fer sure
    my hometown (and feifer's) is rockwall, texas.

    as you can probably figure out, the most "famous" (and i use that word oh so loosely) thing about it was the rock wall. it was discovered in 1851 and lays beneath the surface of the town.

    other things - rockwall has become known as a marriage mecca, because of the ease with which a marriage license can be obtained there.

    hm... what else? they filmed part of "tender mercies" there and a kid from my class was cast as "bully."

    there was also some movie filmed using our teeny airport that had that horrible actor from "iron eagle" in it. you know, the guy that made out with ally mcbeal in the car wash.

    and lastly, rockwall is the smallest county in texas.

    we're so proud.

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    What's so famous about Flushing, NY? That it's in Queens, which is one of the 5 Boroughs of NYC. The end.
    Gustav Holst was right!

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    Elizabethton, Tennessee.. (an hour and half from Gatlinburg, Tennessee..) has a Covered Bridge that is over 200 years old. It has been repaired and mended, but still is used today. Check out this sight... http://www.tourelizabethton.com/... you will see a pic of it at the bottom of the page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarlett530
    I didn't know either, Mdrio, 'til I looked it up. It always bugged me though, how in the movie he is supposedly from Florida, yet he mentions "Doo-val" (Duval) County (val like Hal), no one says it like that! Natives pronounce it "Du-vall". :rolleyes
    I know...it's never said like that. They obviously had no help from anyone familiar with this area. :rolleyes

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    *Tonya Harding (I was a competitive figure skater in the 70s-80s - yes, I knew her)
    *The Rose Festival
    *Gus Van Sant
    *Nu Shooz (wait - this one belongs in the 80s thread)
    *Nicknamed "Little Beirut" because of all the loud, lefty demonstrators who turn out every time someone famous comes to town
    *Hometown of Neil Goldschmidt, former City Councilman, Mayor, Governor, Transportation Secretary to Jimmy Carter, and recently-outed statutory rapist. (My mom was a major supporter in 1970, and we used to play at his house, down the street)

    And it's Portland, Oregon!

    We live in the 'burbs, now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway
    You know what the amazing thing is.... if you go to google and type in World's Longest Bridge.. you'll get 5 or 6 different answers. Most of them depend upon the classification: world's longest suspension bridge, world's longest oversea bridge, world's longest overwater highway bridge (what's the difference with this one??), etc.

    What a pain!
    That may be the difference. Ours is the longest over water, I think.


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    Looks like 90% of people are from N.America and the rest Hong Kong and Singapore. Am I only the only European on the board?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belfastgirl
    Looks like 90% of people are from N.America and the rest Hong Kong and Singapore. Am I only the only European on the board?
    ACtually I am European, but I've just never lived there. Even though my nationality is Swiss

    all I know about my country:


    I come from there, that's my nationality but rarely beeen there

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    I must say it was fun to read a lot of these... I remember having been in many of these places, and I remember my grandma sent me a T-shirt in the mail a 10 years ago or so from the Holland Tulip Festival. I also remember visiting the Frankenmuth world's largest year-round Christmas store... Why didn't you mention that?

    Also memories of going to my grandmother's every Thanksgiving and walking through a forest across the street from my grandma's house with my dad, picking colored leaves and the like for a Thanksgiving centrepiece, and seeing the Thames in that forest as well.

    And the time when I used to live in Toronto, and I would walk up with my dad and my sister to Casa Loma, doing the tour on cassette tape with walkmans, walking around the various rooms of the castle. As well as going to the skydome, Kennsington market, and of course the CN tower with my dad on Feb. 29, 1992...

    Also, the memories of cold Manitoba winters as AJane puts it. I used to live 3 hours west of Winnipeg, and it was fricking cold! I lived in Elkhorn Manitoba which was famous for having Canada's biggest antique Automobile Museum, and every Canada Day, they would have a parade of these antique automobiles.... Also the home of hockey player Sheldon Kennedy (who they are sometimes proud of, sometimes not) He was a hockey player in the NHL who got caught using drugs and was banned from the NHL... so Elkhorn stopped bragging about him. Then it was discovered that he was molested as a child by a minor league hockey coach for a team he played for in Saskatchewan, and so they cheered him on again. He roller-skated across Canada to raise money for his foundation... (I forget what it does now) and we found that he was taking money off of that, as well, he was found DUI on one of his stops in Edmonton, and I don't think he finished his trip across Canada.

    Now I live in Saint John New Brunswick, the Loyalist city, known for it's conservative politicians and well.... nothing much else. We used to have the Saint John Flames (the farm team for the nearly-Stanley cup winning Calgary Flames), but the year after they won the cup, they ran out of money and left.

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