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Thread: HELP! I spilled soy latte on my laptop!

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    Glad it worked out ok, Grammargoddess!
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    Glad you're back in business. I wouldn't have known what to do. I never allow any liquid close to my computer. I'm too big a klutz.

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    I have an announcement to make: I SPILLED MY LATTE IN MY LAPTOP TODAY!

    Actually, it was a very hearty splash when I was adjusting the lid of my travel mug. I flipped the computer upside down and popped out the battery asap. I dried it with paper towels, and then set it up in front of a fan for about an hour. I can't go 72 hours without my computer (that's like going 72 hours without coffee), so I succumbed to temptation and turned it on. The left-click touchpad button was sticky for a while (no double-clicking ability at all), and I had no function from the ";" and "/" keys. After another hour or so, the left-click button recovered and I could get a ; and a /, but no *shift * "?" . Everything works now.

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