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Thread: HELP! I spilled soy latte on my laptop!

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    Glad it worked out ok, Grammargoddess!
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

    Maybe we should chug on over to namby pamby land where we can find some self confidence for you, you jackwagon!

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    Glad you're back in business. I wouldn't have known what to do. I never allow any liquid close to my computer. I'm too big a klutz.

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    FORT Fanatic MalibuPam's Avatar
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    I have an announcement to make: I SPILLED MY LATTE IN MY LAPTOP TODAY!

    Actually, it was a very hearty splash when I was adjusting the lid of my travel mug. I flipped the computer upside down and popped out the battery asap. I dried it with paper towels, and then set it up in front of a fan for about an hour. I can't go 72 hours without my computer (that's like going 72 hours without coffee), so I succumbed to temptation and turned it on. The left-click touchpad button was sticky for a while (no double-clicking ability at all), and I had no function from the ";" and "/" keys. After another hour or so, the left-click button recovered and I could get a ; and a /, but no *shift * "?" . Everything works now.

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