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Thread: REAL PET..peeves?

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    My dad knows a guy at his work that trains dogs and would send it to him. We had a part husky part saymoid (sp) before. I loved that dog, always fun to throw the ball around with, chase or whatever. Those English Bulldogs look really cool, but I can't see myself walking around with a small dog unless I had a pink shirt and the keys to my miada in my pocket I think that is why my mom and I aren't budging. She wants something she can have sit on her lap, I want a mans dog

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    Clipse my hubby felt the same way..he wanted a bulldog..but when we got the boston it was love at first sight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clipse
    I have a "REAL Pet Peeve" My last dog died about 4 years ago and my parents each want a different dog and I want a different dog too. My mom wants a small dog, my dad wants a husky and I want the coolest dog...a bulldog. My brother could care less either way. We have been having this argument for 3 years and no one has budged, my dad says a bulldog looks like it was dropped off a skyscraper and landed face first, I told my mom I don't want a dog that I could boot further than a football. I do love huskies though so I can't say anything there, but would rather have a bulldog.
    Hey Clipse,go to AOL Dog Match, have your family do it too, it's great. I know what you mean about not wanting a too mmmm, fluffy looking little dog, but what about a pug, they're small but kind of look like bulldogs. Bulldog's do have many health problems, though, and are notorius for farting. I want a Toy Fox Terrier which is a small dog, but it has lots of personality, easy to train, is cute but not poodlish or too Fluffy so I wouldn't be embarassed taking him for a walk. If I lived in a house and had lots of time to exercise a dog, I'd get a Wienamaiar ( can't spell it ) those beautiful greyish brown sleek dogs with pale amber or blue eyes.
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    Hey Clipse, how about considering adopting a retired greyhound?
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    Another factor to consider with Bullies is that they cost a lot of money. Two reasons for that: females have a hard time conceiving and also usually require cesarian section births cos even as puppies their heads are so massive. I've never seen purebred Bulldogs for less than $800.
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    Good luck finding the right breed for all of you, Clipse. I am sure there is something somewhere you all will agree on.

    About small dogs, I am not a small dog person myself, but one of my friends has a border terrier, and I absolutely adore this breed now. They are great little dogs, they are not "cute" or fluffy. I think my friend told me that they were originally bred for foxhunting in England, to chase foxes out of holes. (Therefore they make great ruin rescue dogs now.) Take a look http://www.akc.org/breeds/recbreeds/borderte.cfm , maybe you and your family would like them. Small for your mom, not fluffy for you, and they are quite masculine in appearance for a small dog, so I'd think your father might like them, too.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Clipse I think another thing you might want to consider is the lifespan of the dog and where it will be in a few year's time. You're young and you have alot of adventures infront of you.. in the near future (years not months) you will eventually move out of the house.. where will you move to? Probably an apartment, will they accept pets? will there be enough room for the dog to get exercise? On the other hand if the dog is going to stay with your parents would it be easier for them to care for a large dog or a small dog (like your mom wants) for companionship?
    Too much to consider .. I'll stick with the fish I never wanted
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