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Thread: What were YOU in high school?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane
    You're still pretty damn smart, astrogirl
    Well, I guess, but I'm also happy, which I wasn't in high school. On the whole, if I had to choose, I'd choose happy.

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    Haha well i still am in high school....But ya i dont consider myself anything really....Im not really sporty and im not really "nerdy" hahaa im just me
    it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveMundaine
    Annnyway - I spent most of my high school years smoking pot behind the auto shop. I hung out with a broad mix of people - all we had in common was weed - from rap kids, to punks, to headbangers, to skaters, to goths, we alll smoked together.
    Wait a minute, did I go to school with you?

    Ahh, for the good old days before paraquat and the gateway drug thing. I guess most schools have an auto body shop, come to think of it.

    I fell in and got married, much against my parent's wishes, the summer after my junior year in high school. I made history in my hometown because I was the only married woman ever voted sweetheart. I rode on the top of a car ( I don't remember what kind, but it was new and shiny ) in the parade and waved to my friends and everything! The only fly in the ointment was that my hubby was at home with friends playing poker and couldn't be bothered to drive downtown to see me.

    My parents made me promise that I would graduate from high school. Unfortunately that's a promise I didn't keep, and once the parade was over and the winter set in I discovered that NO ONE COULD MAKE ME GO TO SCHOOL and there were no consequences (except for flunking math). Sadly, the prom dress went back into the dry cleaner bag and I dropped out over Christmas vacation. I have to say, I've never really regretted it. I got my GED before most of my friends graduated from high school and proceeded to spend the next thirteen years in college majoring in one thing or the other.

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    My situation was different because I went to an all-girl HS. I don't think that the same politics came into play, because boys were not on the premises and we didn't have to compete to get their attention- or anything like that. We wore uniforms, and the only time you wore make-up was when you were meeting your bf after school. You could tell who all the rich kids were vs. the not so rich by their shoes (the only way we could express ourselves). I hung out with the "ghetto" crowd because I appreciated their humor. We'd laugh and talk about ghetto stuff and how cheap our parents were! I always got invited to chill with the pretty, blonde, rich girls, but I never felt good enough for them. I was very insecure about guys, which carried over into college and always ended up dating the wrong type of men- or should I say children.

    Anyways, I guess I was ghetto. But at least the smartest of the ghetto-fabulous girls-- I had a 3.8 GPA.

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    hmm, yellow apple haven't chimed in yet

    let's see, i graduated in 1995

    i went to school in a large city, an all black school and really i can't say that there were cliques or anything really

    the only issue i think that separated folks was income, some cats had a fatter pocket

    there was a band, football team, basketball team, 2 'sororities' 2 'fraternities' and some cheerleaders.

    i was happy to finally get out of that place, they really bored me... my goal was to lay low and get out of that mother as fast as possible... come 10th grade on up i barely went to school and did just enough to graduate

    i think anyone that misses high school is crazy...

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    I made great grades, but...one word: loser. I wouldn't be age 12-20 again for anything. I think I was probably clinically depressed that whole time.
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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    Heh. You rang, Dogg? I guess my hatred of my high school days is well known by now, eh?

    It was 10 years ago this year. So long now that I've forgotten most of it.

    I wasn't smart enough to be a nerd, so I was just a plain dork. Oh, I tried to be a nerd, but they disqualified me for my grades (stupid 3.5 GPA limit!). Plus I didn't have one of those pocket protector things.

    Girls? What were those? As far as they were concerned, I didn't exist, and vice versa.

    Basically I just kept to myself and hardly talked to anyone.

    'Twas definately a dark chapter in my history. In fact, if I ever write a book about my life, I would call the high school years: "The Time of Troubles". Following that would be the college years: "The Awakening". Then where I am now, the career years: "Where's the rest of it?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott
    High school, let me tell you about high school. I walked to school 5 miles in the snow up to my knees. Up hill. Both ways. I had to get there at 6 a.m. to light the pot belly stove. This was after gathering the eggs at home and slopping the hogs. Dang kids don't know how good you got it. Clubs? What clubs. The only club I saw was the one I got upside the head for not getting home and milking the cows. "Mommy and Daddy won't buy me a car. I have to ride the bus." Wahhh. Dang kids nowadays....
    Oh My God!! Dad?? Is that really you??
    When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down "Happy." They told me I didn't understand the assignment. I told them they didn't understand life. - John Lennon

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    Hmm, interesting question. I went to a large high school, with about 700 in my freshman class and about 562 in my graduating class. Around large groups or people I didn't know well, I came across as "quiet" or "shy" but I'm glad that the high school was big enough that it was easy to find friends and you didn't feel surrounded by cliques. I did well in school, graduating in the top 2%. I've been to all my reunions so far (5-10-15-20) and plan to continue attending them. Love to see what people are up to. I remember a friend at a different high school at the time was telling me about the various "groups" at her school -- jocks, "freaks," nerds, but we didn't really use those terms. I hated 7th grade (class was a huge clique), the middle of freshman year of college, and sophomore year of college but all the other years were OK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by queenb
    I made great grades, but...one word: loser. I wouldn't be age 12-20 again for anything. I think I was probably clinically depressed that whole time.
    Hey queenb come over and sit by me celebrate the fact that we are adults now and never have to go through that again. Like I have stated elsewhere, people who enjoyed high school are the ones that have real problems...

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