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Thread: What were YOU in high school?

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    Ahhh, the memories - I was also a "headbanger"....uh, wait - I still am Annnyway - I spent most of my high school years smoking pot behind the auto shop. I hung out with a broad mix of people - all we had in common was weed - from rap kids, to punks, to headbangers, to skaters, to goths, we alll smoked together.

    As far as popularity - I'd say we were the leaders of the losers. (I'm sure all the losers say that!) If the situation called, we could muster quite a few losers to our cause.

    It's funny, but at our school, you were defined by the table's you sat at in the "commons" - there were the jock tables, the popular tables, the chearleeder tables, the skater tables, the trenchcoat tables(long before any of this school shooting crap - ours were more into Weird Al and Dungeons & Dragons) a couple punker tables, and a few odd loser tables - and us, the "metal" tables.

    Looking back, it's crazy how segregated we were - all the fights, all the bs...

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    I was a band/honor roll geek. Friends with others who were the same and fairly respected by all. At least they didn't make fun of me to my face!!!

    I don't recall problems in jr high, but my son just finished 6th grade in middle school and is glad it is over. His older sister assured him that 6th/7th are the worst, and by 8th grade most people start growing up.
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    Let's see.... I had my lunch money stolen regularly, I got top marks in everything except for gym, which I failed with astonishing irregularity, and my overview of the four years can be summed up by the first two lines of Paul Simon's "Kodachrome".

    Best high school moment? When the Mayor turned into a giant snake - no, wait, that wasn't my life. Okay. Howsabout when we had a bomb scare and evacuated the school. I snuck out and went to the mall. IIRC, I bought a t-shirt. Good times, good times.

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    hangin' with the girls drinking Cosmos
    I wasn't super popular, but mostly everyone knew me. I was in the band for 3 years, a cheerleader for 2, in the Latin club and Red Cross Club. I was an honor student all through school.
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    Okay, so I was the uber-nerd in high school. I had the best grades (I the US I would be a valedictorian, but we don't have that kind of tradition in Denmark). I was the smartest student in school, everyone knew not to get into a debate with me, because I would pound them into the ground with my well-thought-out arguments and sarcasm, I never had a single date, I spent Saturday nights working on my physics homework and I always had my hand up in class and knew all the answers to the teachers questions. Oh, and I had quite a reputation of being red (my school was in a very conservative area, so it didn't take much).

    In short, I was a unhappy pain-in-the-butt b**ch with a chip on my shoulder and really good grades. I hated high school. For the record I'm a totally different person today than I was back then.

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    Well, I have finished my first year of high school now, and I pretty much know what clique I'm in. I am a jock, and yet I'm very nerdy. I actually read every section of the newspaper everyday, but I can't really discuss it because my friends don't pay attention to news. Of my friends, I am the most sensible and most reserved. I'm probably in the top 25% of popularness, so I'm not a social outcast, despite my shyness.

    middle school was terrible. 6th and 7th grade were the WORST. 8th grade, I just stopped caring what other people thought so I had a lot more fun.

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    I graduated in '96, wow I can't believe it's been that long already. I went to the smallest school, you just can't imagine how small. I only had 24 people in my graduating class. I went to school with the same kids from kinder to my senior year. The best part is you make some really good friends that way. I'm still close to a lot of my ex-classmates. My freshman year was okay, I was just the girl who was still like a little girl, skinny, unblossomed, not boy-crazed. I just hadn't grown up as much as the other girls yet, but I was still friends with everyone, I just wasn't as popular as they were. I made cheerleader that year and that was my big confidence boost. So for the next three years I developed, matured, and became more popular and involved with many things. I loved basketball, was a cheerleader, made A's and B's, was in the homecoming court my Jr. year, and the Prom Queen my Sr. year. I guess high-school was a good experience for me, but I definately would not ever do it again!!!

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    well i was just a cruser in school. pretty much jelled with everyone. we did know who aerosmith was before they became real popular. First concert was Frank Zappa. no real bad memories of high school. just glad to be out but.........It don't get better in life Lamont. just learn how to go with the flow

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    Snoozing at my desk again.
    I went to a private religious school where everybody had money (even my family). Yet, somehow, the friends I made were the ones that were there on tuition assistance. They seemed to have the best outlook on life and realize that money wasn't everything. As a group, we were all pretty comfortable with being unpopular. We understood that friends don't are not determined by who has what. There are still 4 of us that are best friends today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by astrogirl_2100
    For the record I'm a totally different person today than I was back then.
    You're still pretty damn smart, astrogirl
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