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Thread: Computer help desk

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    Re: drinks and keyboards

    There are some things you can do. You should shut down your computer before doing them however. Then, if your keyboard has a plug, unplug it from the outlet.

    First thing to try is a can of compressed air to remove most of the dust and grime. What I do after that is to use a small think screw driver or knife to pry the keys off. I put all the loose keys in a cup or mug or anyplace where you won't lose them. Then you can mix a little water and isopropyl alcohol and use a damp cloth or moistened q-tips to clean beneath the uncovered keys. You can even mix a mild dish detergent with water and soak the unplugged keys in it. Worst case scenario is to unscrew the back of your keyboard and use a microfiber cloth dipped in alcohol to clean the inside, keeping away form the circuitry.

    Most important of all is to make sure everything is completely dry before you put the back on or replace the keys. I've done all of the above at one time or another without any harm.

    Again, just make sure you shut down the computer, unplug everything before cleaning, and don't put anything back together or restart until completely dry.
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    Re: Computer help desk

    Does anyone know why your Back button may only work on certain links? Sometimes it goes back and brings me back to the boards, but other times, nothing happens, so I cancel out of the link I went to, but it not only cancels me out of the link I went to but also away from FORT. Then I have to start over to get back to FORT. It's getting more frequent lately.

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    Re: Computer help desk

    To the right of the Back button is a down arrow. Click on that and it will show the most recent pages you've been to. You can select a page you want to go back to that way if the Back button isn't working. That tip is also helpful for going several items back so you don't have to keep hitting the Back button multiple times.

    I searched for reasons why the Back button doesn't always work and here's what one site had to say:

    Why does my Internet back button sometimes not work?

    A new window or tab was opened
    When browsing the Internet, some pages may open a link to a new window or tab. When this occurs, all your previous search history will not move over to the new window. You can determine if this is the cause of your issue by looking at the color of your back button. If the back button is gray or not highlighted, it's more than likely that you're in a new window. To get back to your previous window, close the browser window you're currently in.

    A web page automatically forwarded you to an alternate page
    Often, this issue is caused when the web page you're visiting has automatically forwarded you to a different page or new page. When this occurs, if you press the back button, you're sent back to the page that re-directed you to the new page that forwards you back to where you just came from.

    To resolve this issue, you can try one or more of the below solutions.

    1.Press and hold down the mouse button on the back button.
    2.Press the back button two or more times quickly, this will almost always get you back to a previous page. If this makes you go back too far, go forward.
    3.Most new browsers have a small down arrow next to the back button (as shown below). Pressing this button displays the last few pages you have recently visited. Once this list is displayed, you can select the page you want to go back to.

    Other script preventing you from going back
    There are scripts that can be used maliciously to prevent you from going back; when these pages are encountered, usually one of the above two recommendations allow you to get back. However, if you find neither of these solutions allowing you to get back, we suggest you close all your browser windows and start over.
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