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Thread: What are those?

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    I had the 'unit blocks' when I was little too, but it didn't cost anything!

    My mother apparently just went to some carpenter/lumber yard and asked if they had scraps, little pieces for the kids to play with. She then sanded them, sprayed on VArnish and voila, blocks. I mean really, it's just wood, shouldn't be so expensive right? We waste so much as it is, what's a little recycling?

    We played with those wooden blocks, all sorts of shapes. Also leather scraps that we would use for collage, etc (when I was very little my mother had a leather shop, don't remember it at all, but she saved some stuff for the kids). A little ingenuity, and courage to just ask goes a long way.

    Best with the blocks!

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    Well I got thoe "bloxes" from ebay on Monday... it ended up costing $80 Canadian (from the actual cost which was about 25-30 dollars....)

    The daycare will be paying for it at least, so I'm ok with it now... They are really nice! (not 80 dollars worth imo, but oh well)

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