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Thread: What are you eating right NOW?

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    I just had a Hershey bar with almonds that had like 3 almonds in it. What a jip!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotuslander
    Was he tasty?
    L.L. you just crack me up sometimes.

    I'm having my Friday night fish & chips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt64
    That's pretty cool. We have lots of vineyards here in BC as well.. some very good, up and coming wineries, as well as some internationally known ones. BC is really one of the places to watch over the next 10 years or so. Especially with the climate change, it's becoming more conducive to growing high quality wines.
    If I ever see a BC wine here, I'll think of you.
    Ironically, while we have so many vineyards here, to get most of their wines you have to go there. The grocery stores only stock a few of the more well-known ones. I am so excited because in the past few weeks, my local store has *finally* started stocking the wine I'm drinking now.
    I used to live 20 minutes from a vineyard that had the coolest wine -- there's a guy that works there who's from Bulgaria (I think) and he brought with him several recipes for wine that's a little different. They've got a white wine that has various herbs in it, and it tastes great and unusual.
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    I just had some yummy Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Squares with Double Chocolate Filling.

    I had a sweet tooth today!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Hep, looking back through this thread, you came to the wrong place for ideas. It appears we're all thawing frozen stuff, snacking, ordering out, or surviving on nicotine and/or cabbage. [/QUOTE]

    szechwan noodles in a cup....Just add boiling water...

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    I'm chewing Trident cinnamon gum. Mmm.

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    My words, as usual.

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    Just had some rice and gravy con beef... very, very tasty. Currently snacking on some sour altoids. I am determined to burn my taste buds.

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    in the kitchen, darling!
    yum rice and gravy! I love Atomic Fireball hard candy.
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    Damn you smokers and boozers! Now I'm dying for a cigarette (and I quit 2 years ago) and a glass of wine, and I'm at work! Why, oh why, did I look in this thread?

    I just ate some Old Dutch Salt & Vinegar chips. Hardly any vinegar taste to them.
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