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Thread: I'm Coming Out

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    You personally got 13 of the 20 people correct and were better at recognizing girls than guys. Overall, you guessed better than 44% of all test takers.
    Now it's confirmed, I redid the test, and I'm still not very good at this; improved my gaydar by 1 point this time. So, according to this I'm still better at telling lesbians from hetero women than gays from hetero men (which is funny since I always thought it was the other way around).

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabriel;2155073;
    And it might never happen. His sexuality doesn't define him as a person.
    I would just continue to accept him as the great friend he is and has been . Great friends are hard to find!
    Live simply ~ Love generously~ Care deeply~ Speak kindly

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood;2155064;
    Just because he is effeminate and not yet married doesn't mean he is gay. If he is gay, then he just isn't ready to come out. It is something that should happen on his time.

    anyone that thinks all gay men are effeminate should meet some "bears" sometime

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    Quote Originally Posted by barefootdyke;2155283;

    anyone that thinks all gay men are effeminate should meet some "bears" sometime

    Like the ones that drive the biggest HARLEYS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by karna68;2154990;
    Maybe you guys can help me. I have a very good friend for over 20 years now that everybody swears is gay. If he is he's not out. He has effeminate(?) qualities but he's been with women, almost got married. But he's my age, 38 and still has yet to get married. I hate to believe it, not that I have a problem with it but the fact that if he is and hasn't come out yet, especially to me.
    I have gay friends who have been with women in the past but now are exclusively with men. I also know gay men who were married and fathered children before pursuing relationships with men. I also know men who may be gay, but will probably never come out for religious reasons. I also know plenty of people--both men and women--who are 38, single/never married and aren't gay. 38 isn't old these days to be single--especially for men, who don't have biological clocks to be concerned with. Don't worry too much about your friend. If he is gay, he will tell you when and if he chooses--and if he chooses not to tell you, it doesn't say anything negative about you. Just that he's not ready to tell you for his own private reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmazingRaceMan;1031916;
    I want to applaud all the people who are coming/came out. Your living your lives, and I think its great. I know some people who are gay...and it is hard to be gay on Long Island and in High School
    Just for any readers who are teens, LGBTI and on LI, there's a good
    support club that draws kids from all over Long Island--speakers, dancing,
    political action, good supervision (parents can relax) from those who run it and interns from social work and women's studies programs around the island. It's right near some public transportation (train and bus both I think) as well. Called LIGALY--Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth. Been around for several years. Sorry I didn't see AmazingRaceMan's post a couple of years ago, but back then I thought the only fora on Fans of Reality TV dealt with reality tv!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lois Lane;2155687;
    38 isn't old these days to be single--especially for men, who don't have biological clocks to be concerned with..
    I TOTALLY agree with that statement. He was complaining for awhile that he couldn't find anyone, he's VERY picky about women he dates. I kept trying to tell him he didn't need to worry. Maybe he finally took my advice!

    Thanks everyone for your responses, it's just frustrating for me that I have everyone telling me he is gay when I feel like he's not.

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    My thoughts on this are "is it ain't broke, don't fix it". I have never worried about my friends' sexuality. I think the only time I would think about it was if I were interested in them.

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