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Thread: Our children's broken bones...not for the faint at heart

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    Our children's broken bones...not for the faint at heart

    Anyone ever had a child break a bone? Talk about scary!!!

    My two year old daughter was chasing my sister-in-law's dog on Monday night. The dog turned around and they collided. She was scared when the dog yelped so she turned to run back to me, tripped and fell. She put her arm down, instinctively, I'm sure, to break the fall. Her hand hit the floor with all her weight behind it and her arm bent backwards(hyperextended) at the elbow. I'll never forget the way that looked or the shocked,pained expression on her little face. I picked her up and tried to comfort her. Something about her cry was very different and she could not lift her arm. I knew something was wrong! We immediately went to the emergency room where they naturally wanted x-rays. Since I am pregnant, I had to leave the room. That was like torture! She was in capable hands with my husband and the doctors but screaming for me. The told us the humerus was broken just above the elbow and splinted it for the night. We were told to see an orthopaedic pediatrician the next day and that they would probably cast it. Luckily, he determined that it was a minor break and only needed a splint. Since she is so young, he thinks in a week to 10 days, it will be fine! Thank God! This is probably the most stressful thing we've faced since her birth!

    I am sure that all of you veteran parents will assure me that it has only just begun! But, I hope we get a little break for things to get back to normal first!

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    My first broken bone came at age 10. Playing sandlot football. It was a "green stick" fracture of the radius bone in my right wrist. A "green stick" fracture is common in kids who are still growing. It meant the bone was only broken half-way and at an angle that meant that - left unattended - could travel the lenght of my wrist - like a crack in a winshield.

    So the orthopedist had to shoot me up with some pain meds, including a shot right up into my arm pit, and have two nurses and my dad hold me down, while he broke the bone the rest of the way. I was in a cast from hand to shoulder for quite a while. I remember the day i had it taken off, as I was walking down the hall of the hospital my arm kept rising in the air. My body was so used to the weight of the cast.

    Ah good times.

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    I've never had a broken bone, thank goodness!

    EDIT: I lie! I forgot I broke my tailbone when I was 11. I couldn't stand up straight for a week. We didn't realize it was broken at the time; in fact, we didn't know it until I was 19 & needed X-rays after I was in a car accident.
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    Lildago, your baby is so adorable. Oh my God, that must have been so scary for you! I can imagine. Thank God she is okay, I'm so glad. She's a little cutie. I can't get over that picture!
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    Lildago, I hope your little one is alright! I hope you're allright! How frightening that must have been, I had trouble even reading it! Take care, and that means not only your adorable little two-year-old but you, too. All that adrenaline makes that upcoming baby jumpy.
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    lildago, I hope she heals fast. That is really sad. I would be devastated if my 2 year old broke a bone. She fell off the kitchen chair onto my ceramic floor the other day and I almost had a heart attack, but she only got hurt a bit.

    Goodluck with your pregnancy too!

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    I know how scary it is when your little ones get hurt.
    My son (now 27) broke his thumb when he was 5. A window in his bedrooom would not stay up by itself, so we had a stick to prop it up. He was playing when he should have been taking a nap, knocked the stick out causing the window to drop on his thumb. I heard him whining, went up to check on him and started yelling at him for not being in bed. He told me he couldn't because he was stuck. His thumb was smashed under the window and he couldn't get out. When I lifted the window, the end of his thumb was flat and bleeding just a little which caused him to freak. We took him to the hospital and they put one of those aluminum splints on his thumb. Now I"m thinking "Cool, he can't suck his thumb anymore!" He went home, climbed in bed, went to suck his thumb and realized he couldn't. What did he do? Picked up his other hand, studied his other thumb, and plopped it right in his mouth. It cost me a new bike to get him to quit sucking his thumb!

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    Lildago, That's a scary story. I'm glad your daughter's okay. When I was a kid, my younger sister bumped heads with a black lab that lived across the street and split open her forehead. My mom who is a registered nurse took her to the hospital for stitches. We kept wondering what was taking them so long at the hospital. When they returned home 5 hours later, it turned out that the doctor had let my mom stay in the room holding my sister's hand while he was stitching my sister up since mom was a nurse. Well, seeing her baby get stitches was too much for my mom. She fainted, hit the back of her head on the corner of a table and had to have stitches herself.

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    Thank God her break was minor and it's perfectly natural for you to be stressed when she got hurt. That's what moms do you know. She sure is an adorable little girl. I hope she feels better now. You too.

    By the time my youngest son was 10 he had broken two bones and had stitches 4 times. I should have asked for a volume discount at the emergency room. I guess by the time he came along I was getting used to it. I remember the first time my daughter (my oldest) fell and cut her mouth. I think it was the first time I'd ever seen her bleed and I think if I'd been alone I'd have rushed her to the ER, but my mom was there and calmed me down.
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    Breaking the humerus hurts a lot Hope she'll heal soon

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