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Thread: Our children's broken bones...not for the faint at heart

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    Thanks for all of your well wishes and for sharing your stories! I can tell that my little one is feeling better. Tonight she got in trouble for purposefully dumping milk on the floor(only a little, I'm still feeling sorry for her)so we're almost back in the swing of things!

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    I have broken my pinkie (yes, ironic isn't it) twice. Once, during a soccer game, this HUGE redhead came and tripped me and I landed right on my pinkie. The other time, we were playing lacrosse in PE and I fell and landed on the same pinkie. It's just so weird that I've never broken any bones but my pinkie

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    Quote Originally Posted by lildago
    This is probably the most stressful thing we've faced since her birth!

    I am sure that all of you veteran parents will assure me that it has only just begun! But, I hope we get a little break for things to get back to normal first!
    I have 4 children--boys 10, 9, and 6, and a girl 4. My first couple times to the ER with them were very traumatic (for me!). The first was when the eldest boy was about 3 and dislocated his elbow. After that, it was a string of heads or chins running into things needing stitches. I keep butterfly bandages handy. One boy came in the house from playing outside, with blood running down his leg into his shoe. He had a big gash from chicken wire, and he hadn't even noticed it! The worst accident we've had, and the unfortunately the one that was my fault, was when my 3rd son fell down the stairs after I (yes, me, I will suffer the guilt for this for all my days) forgot to close the baby gate behind me after carrying up groceries. He was 12 months old, and went all the way to the bottom of a full flight of mexican tile stairway, to land on the tile floor below. He laid at the bottom for just a few seconds, then got up, looked around, and started to explore this part of the house he never got to play in--as I called 911 because he HAD to be hurt even if he didn't look like it. We had the full fire-truck-paramedic-ambulance response, and went to the hospital where they gave him a CT scan for head injuries. He was totally fine, except for a bruise on his cheek. I am convinced there was a guardian angel at the bottom of those stairs--and I'm not religious.

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    My sister broke her femur when she was 2. She was playing on the top of the bunk bed we shared and she tried to jump from the top bunk to a pile of pillows on the floor. She missed.

    I've never broken any bones before, but I've sprained two fingers.

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