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Thread: Advice for A Grad Party?

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    Advice for A Grad Party?

    Hi all,
    Okay. There are so many creative people here I figured this would be a great place to get some advice for a party. My brother and sister in law said I could have my daughter's grad party at their house. I had booked a hall and family talked me into cancelling. Too much work or whatever.

    So, now the party is a cookout for my daughter's friends and family etc.
    It will be at my brother's house and I haven't done the invitations yet. My daughter got a lot of invitations that were really cute/different.

    I have 3 pictures I love (I love all my pictures of my daughter) but, one of her when she is 2 laying on the beach to put on the front of the invitation. Another one she is about 4 & 1/2 - very cute for inside. Finally her senior picture for somewhere on the card. I wanted to put captions under each picture. Something about going from a baby to a young adult. I thought I'd put her college colors on the card somewhere. I have a few good ideas and so do my friends and family but, I can't seem to come up with really good captions. Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!!

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    I'm not sure whether or not this is good advice, but since I am also graduating this June I have a hand in organizing my school's prom and after prom party, and grad party as well (except for the grad party, it will be grads only and no parents, if you know what i Mean) anyhow. A few ideas is that we have a picture of a baby picture (of the grad) and their grad picture, we put them up all on the wall, and you have to guess which baby picture corresponds with the graduates picture (corny I know, but still not that much of a bad idea) We also have a graduates gift, which is just a school mug, that says "Graduate 2004" (and so on, something to remember the school and the year for).

    As for the party, personally us grads in my school, we're having two parties, one after-prom and one just casual. First one, is just a bbq, a potluck sort of stuff, we're going over to one of my friends house, which can easily facilated a large number of people. SO key thing, find a location. Then it's potluck, everybody's invited, as long as they bring something, (easy find = more people = better party). that's the casual one, where it's just a nice laid-back atmosphere.

    After-prom party (graduates only) bassically we are renting out the fanciest hotel suite, which just happens to be next to Singapore's pubbing/clubbing area. So if you are a clubber they can head out there, or if you just want to hang out, you can just stay at the suite. it's simple, yet fun!

    Well hope this was somewhat helpful!

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    hi and thanks. Yes it is helpful. My family & friends are all so busy and think I am looking for perfection and should just forget about doing anything different.

    I've always had really good parties for my daughter and love to go against the norm. The day party is at my brother's house with family and friends.
    I told my daughter she could have the house without me here but, no one can leave once there in. They are obviously going to drink. I told her no alcohol because I have to but, reality is they'll get it.

    I also told her I'm walking in at around midnight so don't be surprised. The kids also have to keep the doors locked and not let anyone in.

    This should be interesting. This my family and some of my friends object to because it could be inviting trouble. I trust my daughter though and she has a great group of friends.

    I like the picture idea you have. I have a big poster of her grad pic and a collage around that from first born to first day at school right up till now.

    I just can't decide on the invitations. My brother is waiting for me to get these captions together. He's got a program to create the invites etc.

    I know there must be somewhere on the net I could find some. Just thought someone here would have some ideas.......
    I usually love this party stuff. I've been sick a lot lately though and not feeling like dealing with it.

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    Hi Stevie. I don't have any great ideas to help you with your captioning, but I am a bit concerned about the party your daughter is having. You didn't say how old your daughter or her friends are but I had an experience that I hope may help you. When my son was 18 a bunch of his "friends" came to our house while my husband and I were gone. They brought a bottle of Vodka with them. Now my son had not invited them, but he also didn't tell them to leave. The kids drank the vodka and one of the girls ended up with alcohol poisoning. We came home and found this going on, she was unconscious and we couldn't wake her. We called 911 and she was rushed to the hospital and eventually airlifted to Rochester, MN (about 70 miles from here) to Mayo. My son was charged with Contributing to the delinquency of a minor, allowing a minor to drink, which were both dropped because the kids all said that he didn't provide the alcohol, didn't drink any (Thank God) and tried to stop her from drinking. However, he was charged with providing a place for minors to drink which he pled guilty to. The lawyer we consulted after this happened told us that we could have been held responsible if the alcohol had come from our house. Even though we weren't even home at the time. The girls parents saw a couple of lawyers about suing us, but none would take the case. I don't know where you live or what the laws in your state are, but when you are dealing with underage drinking you have to be really, really careful.
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    A BIG to what Lil Bit said. If for any reason what so ever, alcohol is consumed in your house and for any reason something happens, you can be charged even if you are not home.

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    I don't want to sound like a naive teenager, but parties are quite simple:

    Music, a large space (location), food (simple), drinks, and the people.

    There is no need to be extravagant, but there is nothing wrong with doing so as well. For my grad party, we bassically all went to the beach, rented our a challet, 25+ of us, just hanging out for the weekend. BBQ, drinks, music...it was all fun!

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    Sounds like you have the theme, all you need to do is expound on that....child to adult, growing up sort of thing. bud to a flower, acorn to a tree, charcoal to a diamond....

    I always let my kids pick the themes for their parties and worked around that, we had cowboy, rainbows, hawaiian, I'm trying to remember all of them. I think that's the hardest part tho, is your central theme, it's fun and pretty easy after that.

    It worked for me, anyway.

    And congrats on the graduation! You must be very proud.

    eta: re alcohol - check the dram shop law in your state, and be careful.
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    AR Boy
    I used to go to a bar occasionally when I was 16 or so... I regret it because it costs money to drink and you'll end up drinking more to get the same effect. I was always scared of coming home drunk so i barely drank... yup- just see how old the guests are.

    Just make a bunch of easy to prepare party food e.g. Spaghetti, Chicken Wings, Pizza, BBQ meat platters etc just get a lot of soft drinks... and some nice music too

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    I like the invite idea.....captions could be easier if you posted the pictures (if your comfortable doing that). Quotes are always good, I will look around my archival quotes and see if I can find something! Good luck with the party!

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    We just came from a graduation party and they did something fun. They had gone out & gotten a few small prizes (like starbucks giftcard etc), then they made up little quizzes about the person who graduated with questions from childhood and up (a lot of them were questions about EMBARRASSING moments in the grad's life, it was funny :-)) Everyone enjoyed it (including the grad) & everyone got to know the grad a little extra :-)

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