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Thread: Advice for A Grad Party?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil Bit
    Hi Stevie. I don't have any great ideas to help you with your captioning, but I am a bit concerned about the party your daughter is having. You didn't say how old your daughter or her friends are but I had an experience that I hope may help you. When my son was 18 a bunch of his "friends" came to our house while my husband and I were gone. They brought a bottle of Vodka with them. Now my son had not invited them, but he also didn't tell them to leave. The kids drank the vodka and one of the girls ended up with alcohol poisoning. We came home and found this going on, she was unconscious and we couldn't wake her. We called 911 and she was rushed to the hospital and eventually airlifted to Rochester, MN (about 70 miles from here) to Mayo. My son was charged with Contributing to the delinquency of a minor, allowing a minor to drink, which were both dropped because the kids all said that he didn't provide the alcohol, didn't drink any (Thank God) and tried to stop her from drinking. However, he was charged with providing a place for minors to drink which he pled guilty to. The lawyer we consulted after this happened told us that we could have been held responsible if the alcohol had come from our house. Even though we weren't even home at the time. The girls parents saw a couple of lawyers about suing us, but none would take the case. I don't know where you live or what the laws in your state are, but when you are dealing with underage drinking you have to be really, really careful.
    That's really awful and sorry that happened. There is more going on than I wrote regarding them having the house later. The kids are 18>19 My daughter will be 18 in September. She's a year younger than the rest of her class (close anyway) 2 of her friends (close ones that are coming) their dads are cops and both told me all the "rules" which where I live (Massachusetts) there are a lot. Probably too much risk to take. Since I posted this and spoke to almost all the parents we agreed I would have to be present here.
    I'm doing what I've done in the past when my daughter has had parties. I'm going out for an hour (they will not know how long I"m out for) I could be gone 10 minutes or 2 hours) lot of trust here. One of the parents (cop) is working that night and said he'll come by (just ride by)
    Too much work and stress. Your situation happened to another parent where I live (something like it anyway)
    Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it.
    I'm not leaving the house unsupervised. Just too risky. And not worth someone drinking and driving and someone getting hurt. It happens a lot and I don't need to contribute to it - I'd never be able to live with myself.

    I got the invites done and the party is all set.
    Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDHeninger
    Sounds like you have the theme, all you need to do is expound on that....child to adult, growing up sort of thing. bud to a flower, acorn to a tree, charcoal to a diamond....

    I always let my kids pick the themes for their parties and worked around that, we had cowboy, rainbows, hawaiian, I'm trying to remember all of them. I think that's the hardest part tho, is your central theme, it's fun and pretty easy after that.

    It worked for me, anyway.

    And congrats on the graduation! You must be very proud.

    eta: re alcohol - check the dram shop law in your state, and be careful.
    nice ideas. My brother pretty much took over and I loved what he did. My daughter is getting surprised with the invites as well.
    I am very proud!
    My daughter and her friends just came back from Italy and France and the drinking over there was crazy......so different here.

    I could let them have the house but, too much of a risk.

    I also like the beach idea. I was going to do that but, my daughter didn't want it. I have a friend who owns a couple houses on the beach in a place called Hampton here. The kids love it there and was going to let them have an overnight up there. No worries about driving.

    Thanks again (everyone that wrote)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyndemere
    We just came from a graduation party and they did something fun. They had gone out & gotten a few small prizes (like starbucks giftcard etc), then they made up little quizzes about the person who graduated with questions from childhood and up (a lot of them were questions about EMBARRASSING moments in the grad's life, it was funny :-)) Everyone enjoyed it (including the grad) & everyone got to know the grad a little extra :-)
    thanks Wynd very good idea. And Dorothy thanks too. I am pretty much done. I would have felt okay posting the pictures. They're on my brother's pc though.

    I used quotes from books.

    Thanks again! I'll have to let yall know if the party is a success! (I hope it is)

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