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Thread: Quitting Smoking

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    I am so proud of you for committing to quit smoking! Woohoo!

    When I think of smoking, I just think about how bad it smells. Most of the people I know who smoke have the smell in their hair, clothes and breath(but do not think that they smell bad at all). Smoking makes you look way older than your years. The simple act of wrapping your lips around the cigarette makes you pucker and it creates those lines around your mouth that the lipstick bleeds into. Also crow's feet appear much earlier for smokers.

    The biggest reason to quit smoking is your health. My mom was the only one in her group of four that did not smoke. All three of the others have had cancer. Two are dead and the other one had to have the bottom third of both of her lungs removed. My mom is is her early sixties and, even though they were all the same age, she always looked at least five to ten years younger than her friends. I know my mom misses her best friends terribly and worries about her one remaining friend as it has not yet been five years since her surgery. They say you are not a survivor until you mad the five year mark.

    Best wishes for a swift cessation of smoking....for you wallet, your health, your youthfull look and most important, so we can have you around the FORT longer.
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    1. The majority of smoking is habit (yes, there is addiction). A good way to begin smoking cessation is to stop smoking in the car (for starters) or some other little to medium situation where you always want to light up. Everything else can remain the same, but it is forbidden in the car (or whatever situation). If you can successfully do that, then you have the willpower to increase this ban to other locations/situations and you'll find that you don't even want one or you won't at least be dying for one.

    2. Change the brand of cigs you smoke (obvious reasons here).

    3. Allow yourself X amount of cigs per day - again a test of willpower/discipline.

    4. A reward system for successfully completeing your cessation goals is a good idea as well.

    5. Aeorbic exercise - it will help reinforce the desire or determination to adhere to goals set from above.

    6. Don't beat yourself up if you stumble.

    I truly believe if you can successfully eliminate common smoking situations, you will be well on your way to quitting or greatly reducing this habit.


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    Ok, I smoked for almost 30 years, 3 packs a day for 10 of those years, and down to 1 pack a day for the last two of them. I had wanted to quit for a while, tried hypno, patch, zyban, cold turkey...always went back. What I did was go to cheaper cigs, tasted worse than Marlboros. That got me down to a pack a day and I also started just lighting when I really wanted one, not just cause a habit IE: finish eating, grab a cig, have a drink, grab a cig stuff. Then I went with SmokeAway system. This is non nicotine, all herbal and I have been off cigs for 2 years now. It helped the cravings and it flushes the nicotine out of your system. Granted every now and then I still get a craving, but when I get a facefull of second hand, it makes me cough!!! Try the Smokeaway system ... smokeaway.com
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    You've already received a ton of fantastic advice from everyone, JunkieGirl, but I just wanted to give you my support!

    Go, JunkieGirl, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    How about, whenever you get an urge for a cigarette, you can PM me instead? Even if it's just "Aaaargh, I'm having a nic fit!!!" That will make you pause and have to think about your action.

    The most important thing is that you have chosen this for yourself. No one can make you quit until you have come to the decision yourself. I smoked as a teenager and through college, and no amount of lecturing was going to make me stop (I was in that "rebellious bad girl" stage, which ended up becoming a full-blown addiction).

    Well, in junior year of college, my grandma died of lung cancer, from a lifetime of Benson & Hedges. I just felt so guilty lighting up, with my family looking at me with such hurt in their eyes. I quit cold turkey, and haven't had any problem keeping off since then. I just imagine my mom looking at me with her big, sad eyes--I wouldn't dare smoke with that image in my head!

    It's different for everybody, so just try different things to see what's right for you. At any rate, you've made a great decision, and we're all here for you!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    WOW the FORT comes through again!

    Thanks for all the support and good wishes, it's definitely going to be helpful. Oh I love this place and would rather be here than smoking. Although when I am at the computer I do smoke more!

    I'm gonna save this thread and read it often. There is some really helpful info that I haven't found online. I love you guys!!

    Maybe this thread will also help others who have thought about quitting as well. So good luck to you Speedy as well.

    P.S Eldee you crack me up!! The drinking thing will also have to stop as the ciggies do taste better with the Lamb's.
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    [QUOTE] Originally Posted by MarksLove
    I've been thinking about getting hypnotized to stop smoking as well. I figure I've tried so many times to consciously quit, maybe the better way is for me to "unconsciously" quit. Does anyone else have any experience in being hypnotized to stop smoking? Any recommendations for someone in Upstate NY who is qualified to do this for me, or must you wait for these "seminars" to come around?

    My fiance's brother went to a hypnotist in August 2003 and had one session and has been smoke free ever since. He sits on purpose in front of smokers and he goes with his smoker friends outside, to test his endurance and still hasn't had the urge to smoke. He paid $400 to have this session, but you can go back as often as you need to, to make sure you kick the habit. If you happen to get the urge to smoke and break down and smoke, you can always go back and be hypnotized. I used to smoke and I quit "Cold Turkey" because I got tired of waking up every morning and having a difficult time breathing. My mother and brother can quit anytime they want. I don't suggest the nicotine patch, because I don't see where that is helping you get the nicotine out of your body. Good luck! Keep us posted with your progress and let us know what you did to kick the habit.

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    Being a non-smoker myself I don't have any suggestions so good luck!
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    Hi Junkiegirl!

    I quit about 2 and half years ago. I had tried to quit many times and whenever I tried I always found myself trying to "run away from my cravings" I would try to keep busy or do almost anything to avoid thinking about cigs. This never worked.
    When I finally did quit, I faced my cravings head on. I took Zyban, wrote in a journal the amount of hours that were passing without smoking and all the cons and pros about quitting. Everytime I felt I needed a smoke, I would take five or ten minutes (the same amount of time it took to have one) and I would just relax, and deep-breathe. I would even hold my breath a little and get a little head rush. After 5 or ten the craving will pass. That's what you have to recognize. It only gets easier as time passes. Even now when I get a little craving, I take a deep breath, and within seconds the craving is gone. And it is so AWESOME to be able to run to the corner store and not be panting for air!!
    I don't know if this will help, but if nothing seems to be helping, it may be worth a try.
    Good luck! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers, Touque

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    JunkieGirl, I also found that it helped to constantly look around and see how many people don't smoke now! If you're paying attention to this, it makes it seem a little embarrassing when you light up. This is even more so now than it was in 1996 when I quit. Smoking just isn't "cool" any more.
    Also, I don't know if you're married, but if not, just think...there's lots of men who won't date a smoker, but I've never heard one gripe because his girl didn't smoke!

    Also, I strongly agree with toque about the cravings; it's just so important to expect and recognize them.

    Again, good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JunkieGirl
    Hey Everybody
    OK I've made a decision. I cannot continue smoking. Part of it is health, but it is also a financial decision. Cannot afford to do it anymore. My decision is to continue smoking or keeping my internet (FORT) addiction alive.

    So my question is how and what is the best way to quit? I have heard many theories. A lot of people that I know have gone cold turkey. Some have been successful for periods of time, then they go back. Some choose nicotine replacement therapy, and a few have been successful as well, and of course the pharmacists I have worked with all swear by it (even though I have known very FEW pharmacists who actually smoked). So dear FORT people do you have any suggestions/formulas/old wives tales/urban legends etc that may help me on my quest to become smoke free? This will be my fourth attempt. (have tried cold turkey 3 times and the patch once) All times I have tried and only lasted less than 1 week!! I admit I don't really enjoy it anymore, it is more of habit, so why am I so helpless? Of course I realize that the more times you quit and fail, the more successful you will be in the long run....which I hope to be one day.

    I should add that my grandmother passed away from lung cancer 2 years AFTER she quit smoking, yet that didn't get me to the quit point, only a lot of thought of quitting. Maybe I should just plaster her picture all over my apartment and then try to stop.

    I'm hoping that someone has some good ideas, tips or methods to get rid of this nasty habit. Thank You

    congratulations on your attempting to quit. I currently smoke (ugh) I have quit about 6 times for several months and go back. I love to smoke. Everyone I hang out with hates it. No one in my family smokes (most people have or only have 1 with drinking)
    I smoke everyday. I know it's wicked to quit.
    One time I quit with my mother's boyfriend. He got cancer 6 months after he quit. Probably saved his life though - he quit on time and has been cancer free for 3 years now. Didn't scare me enough.
    Here are my suggestions to you.

    You have to really want to quit to be successful.
    If you like raw veggys have a lot of them around. (baby carrots are great raw)
    Figure out your favorite places to smoke (car for me) and have an emergency
    "bag" with you.
    In it I had: whitening gum (good to chew and remind me I like my teeth white can cigs are bad)
    picture of my daughter (thank god she ABHORS smoking)
    my car had just been detailed to and smelled really nice **
    I had a stress ball and used it for 6 1/2 months the last time I quit.
    In class I would die to have one at break time with a friend that smoked so I had it with me) I sat next to her and she smelled so bad it made me not want to smoke --
    I bought myself very expensive perfume and reminded myself I'd stink like cigs if I smoked.
    I kept a picture of what happens the minute you quit smoking (your body immediately starts to heal) I got it from ? forget where.
    I quit with no nicotine aids and another time with them.
    I would NEVER try to quit without the patch again because it made it a lot easier.
    The last thing was the most helpful for me. The patch really made a difference.

    I have a new quit date set for next month. I'm quitting with my cousin.
    It's nice to have a quit buddy.
    I know there are a lot of internet sites you can go to for support. I spend too much time here and playing chess when I should be working so I'm not going to any of them unless it's an emergency.

    If you want the address to a good one, I'll pm it to you. It's a place in Massachusetts that was amazing.

    Good luck!!

    It's so worth it!

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