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    Little League

    How's your (kid's) season going? My two little Phillies started playoffs today, going in 14-1 for an almost undefeated season, and lost the first game! Luckily, double elimination, so they have another chance to stay in it on Saturday.

    How about you? Any parental hijinx? Ours got a bit tense today when a vociferous parent on the other time started yelling that the game was over, because we'd hit 2 hours. :phhht He even went to get the league official and started making phone calls. We ended up finishing the game, and we still lost. Oh well.

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    Ah, this post reminds me of how grateful I am that our kids are done with Little League! Every year my husband coached one of their teams and umped, and every year there was SO MUCH DRAMA. Fights, injuries, soap operas -- and that's just the parents in the stands.

    I think the worst was one year my step-daughter (who was 12 at the time) missed catching a ball, so the father of one of HER teammates ran out onto the field and got right in her face screaming at her and poking her in the chest with his finger! My husband was the ump that day and of course, had the guy thrown out of the park. Then for the rest of the season, every time Jenny would come up to bat this guy and his family/friends/cellmates would BOO her and yell insults!

    Bah! Little League! (shudder

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    That sounds horrible mollyrose. Little league is supposed to be fun for kids, not a place to vent for the parents...

    My sons are not old enough yet (thankfully I guess ) to participate in serious games, but the 6 year old does soccer. But at least it's very relaxed. Well, except for the coach who takes it very seriously, but the parents just raise their eyebrows and laugh...
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I think parents and coaches sometimes put too much pressure on kids and that's a bad thing. Let them be kids and have fun!

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    I umpired Little League for waaaay too many years. and I'm only 22.

    I won't even get started on controversy, cause the post would be 2 pages long.....

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    My son, 11/12 year olds, has played four games and I think lost 3. The fourth was suspended by rain and they were leading. We thought they had played enough innings for it to be complete, but we heard later that they hadn't

    Most parents and coaches around here are fairly laid back about it. There was one coach in his age group a couple of years ago that was extremely intense. I was glad my son was not on his team.
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    I love Little League baseball. My brother's a little too old for it now, so I don't get to watch the games often. BUT In August the LLWS will be on so I can see it then

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    My son is 14 now and has played every year since he was 5!! Some years were better than others but we always made it through. Starts with the parade on opening day and usually ends with the playoffs. This year he is on 2 teams so we are busy!!! The only problem here lately is too much rain Every game in the past week has been cancelled. Next year it's off to High School and no more little league. :rolleyes Hang in there everybody and enjoy the great weather and watching the kids have fun!!!

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    OK, my little Phillies have won 2 more games, so they are still in the playoffs. Three more to go, to win the championship. Things are less controversial now because the umps are adults for these elimination games. The parents and coaches tend not to challenge them, which is nice. Meanwhile, my little T-baller made his all-star team. He's so excited He is learning to read from baseball cards these days, since baseball is now his life.

    By the way, I apologize if I should have started this in the Sports forum. I didn't even realize there is a sports forum (since my boys' little league is the only sport I follow!) until after I started it.

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