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Thread: Is this a scam?

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    SFG Guess I don't need to worry. Walmart and Kroger don't have valet parking.

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    That's right, Muduh, consider yourself lucky. There are some LA grocery stores that do!!! A bit off-topic, but I just have to say LA is the only place I know where people will drive half a block to go work out their gym which, yep, has valet parking too. Crazy Los Angelenos!!!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    AR Boy
    I hate valets because most of them have no motive to work... they treat cars like sh!t in a dog park... the results are bits of car damage... My car's wheel got scratched along with the car side... the valet gave me complete bull about how he/she parked and I have to block the enterance just to get my money...

    but yea some valets are very greedy e.g the ones who don't work in upmarket places like hotels... instead cheap restaurants. Once my uncle got his car parked in a valet lot of a cheap styled chinese restauraunt and his toll autopay device got stolen.

    Above anything... DON'T tell the valet where you keep things in the car e.g "the change is in the ash tray" Valet snoops around...

    But yea... I never get involved with valets as I see them as unmotivated theifs. I can't stand the thought of someone other than my Mum+Dad+I driving and I can't stand damage/theft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MalibuPam
    I just found this online:

    "To clone your vehicle
    Nowadays, thieves can even steal your car without you knowing it! By removing your owner's registration and insurance card from your vehicle, a thief can use those documents to obtain a license plate registered to you. The thief then steals a vehicle which is identical or similar to yours and counterfeits your vehicle's identification number (known as a VIN) onto it. The result is two vehicles with the same VIN and registration. Naturally, if the stolen vehicle is involved in an accident or used in a crime, the police will think it's yours. Clearing up the confusion can be a lengthy and annoying process. Your best bet: don't keep your registration and insurance cards, or any other pertinent vehicle information, in your vehicle."

    I was under the impression you were required to have that information in the car at all times. Aren't you?
    If what they want is the VIN...stand outside your car on the driver's side, look through the widshield at the corner of the dash...and you will see a plate with the VIN! The police check this if there is an accident or crime committed, and verify it against your driver's license, etc. And of course you could walk to the rear of the car and take the license plate if you were so inclined. So I still don't understand what someone would need with the paperwork taken from your husband's car. I mean, the thing about "cloning " the car just doesn't make sense, because the VIN is right there in plain view, and every police officer knows it. It wouldn't confuse them for a minute!
    Just thinking...maybe you had better check your credit report...is it possible someone could be trying to use your car as collateral on a loan (although they would have to print up a fake title) , or trying to use those papers as ID?
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    I think they get the papers (in addition to replacing the vin plate/number with the stolen one) so they can show them if needed, or when left in car after they perhaps run away, the police will track the "owner" by those papers. Doesn't sound so much as merely stealing a cars identity to me, but more like stealing the drivers identity. Probably with the help of names and other information on papers they could even counterfeit a driver's license to match.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I think they use the papers to get duplicate plates for a similar car that they steal, and somehow this all helps them to sell it out of state.

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    they also duplicate the vin number and mount it on the dashboard so that it matches the paperwork that they stole from you. Its real easy to do. If criminals can strip a car in less than 10 minutes, making a new vin plate is easy.
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    You have to have registration and insurance papers in the car if you get pulled over - but it's always recommended that you keep them in your wallet or purse, and not in the car itself.

    I would definitely have your husband call his insurance company and talk to them about the theft, to see what they recommend doing about it.

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    This is so depressing. It's like, every day there's a new scam to watch out for. Who can remember it all?

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    and here i was thinking, no one has been in the truck since my operation in sept. we were going to visit her folks and she just wasn't going to ride in a dirty truck, so when i was in recovery and she knew i wasn't dead. off to the car wash she went. but then again i just had the oil changed today at the quick lube jont so now........out the door to check the paper work....

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