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Thread: My Cat Can Read My Mind. Seriously.

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    My Cat Can Read My Mind. Seriously.

    I'm convinced my cat can read my mind. She doesn't let on very often, but sometimes it's just uncanny.

    Yesterday I was sighing over splitting a can of alphabet soup with my daughter yet again and was toying with making tunafish sandwiches instead. But I hate draining the juice into a bowl for the cats, you get your fingers all full of tuna and it's so unpleasant. I was mentally turning back to alphabet soup when my calico cat charged in the kitchen, meowing aggressively. She even jumped up on the counter and head butted me.

    Now, normally we don't see hide nor hair of her during the day while she gets her beauty sleep. I hadn't touched the can of tuna or even finished picking up the can opener out of the drawer - and there she was, head butting me into making tunafish sandwiches.

    She only slips and makes it obvious every once in a while, but I'm convinced she knows what I'm thinking (and probably doesn't care unless it involves tuna).

    We're on to them. Come on and share, anyone else have psychic pets?
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    Cute story hepcat. I hope you decided to go with the tuna sandwiches.

    I don't know about pyschic, but my Boston Terrier, Sam is the smartest dog I've ever seen. He communicates with me perfectly. This is a dog that doesn't really know any tricks except for "sit", but he knows to go to the sink when his water dish is empty, he can open the car windows, if I feed him a snack out of a bowl (not his dog dish, he never does this with his own dish) he tries to put it in the dishwasher when he's done. My husband doesn't even do that!
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    My dog Charlie, a smooth collie seen in my avatar, is extremely smart. A few weeks ago I taught him the math trick. It goes like this: I say, what is 2 + 2, and he barks 4 times. He can actually answer any math problem, as long as you don't mind him barking the answer in your face for the full count. I try to keep the answers under 6 barks. Anyway, the secret trick was supposed to be that he barks each time I nod, and stops when I stop. It went that way at first, but then he stopped waiting for my individual nods, and would bark out his answer and then stop on his own without waiting for my cue, and he was getting the answers right! This freaked me out until I figured out that he was watching me so closely that he'd learned to anticipate the end of the barking. Now, I ask the question, then hold perfectly still with serious face, and he barks until he sees me smile. Then he gives me a high five.

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    My cat isn't too smart, but he always seems to know when I'm getting the treats from the cabinet.

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    My cousins dog with amazing. If you say "Wanna go for a walk" he goes to the door and waits patentially for you to put his leash on.

    If you hit up on the back then run, he plays tag with you.

    My cousin has this friend who pets the dog whenever she comes over. So whenever we say his friends name, he goes ballistic and goes to the window waiting for them.

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    My cat is a wimp. He only comes out of hiding when my daughter and I are there. If anyone else shows up he runs and hides. It is quite entertaining, he has long hair and hair grows out between the pads of his paws. He gets on the kitchen floor and skids into walls.

    He is pretty smart, though. He has figured out how to open cabinets and hide inside. He also opens my armoir to sleep in there. The first time he did it I freaked out. It was the middle of the night and I hear **thud, thud**. When I look over there the door is opening and closing. Not a pleasant thing to wake up to when you have no clue what is going on.
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    my cat does that - opens cabinet doors. he likes to hide under the bathroom sink.

    as for the tuna - have you tried the pouches rather than the cans. After you get the tuna out you can cut them open with scissors and the cat can have it with less mess.

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    Awww, Hepcat, I'm jealous. I can't have a cat (much less one that's a "mentalist") because the hubby & I are horribly, deathly allergic. We have fish, but they could care less what we're thinking.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Funny story. My place is too small just to own a cat or a dog... so I have hamsters instead, and they aren't VERY bright afterall :rolleyes

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    Great stories, everyone! My lhasa (and current avatar) is the brightest dog I've ever raised. She has food shaped toys, and learns the name for each one after about 5 repetitions and will not get confused on which one to bring you if you ask for one. She learned phrases in English and Spanish.

    Lals, I've owned both stupid and smart hamsters
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