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Thread: My Cat Can Read My Mind. Seriously.

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    How small is your dog Texie?

    My friend is now trying to train his cat to walk on two legs..

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    in the kitchen, darling!
    She's about 10 inches in height, and she weighs around 15 pounds. Great apartment dogs but not so good with kids.

    Sorry for the threadjack
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    My fish communicate very well. At least the angel fish is always begging for food when we walk by.

    I'm not sure about our current cats reading our minds, but my previous Siamese was something else.

    He would drink out of the toilet (I know, gross, but he did), and slept next to my head when we lived at my parents. I always left my bedroom door open enough that he could wander in and out at night.
    One night, for some reason, the bathroom door blew shut, so he couldn't get to THAT water. Of course there was water elsewhere, but that's what he wanted. So, he came back to bed, put his forhead against mine, and I swear, I saw a closed door. I was just a tad freaked when I found out that he was indeed having issues about a closed door!
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    Woah, Tracylee, that's what I'm talking about!

    We have a Siamese, too. Mainly she has shown her psychic talents by predicting earthquakes. We got her from a pet store in down town Santa Cruz that had to go out of business after the '89 quake, so somehow she got sensitized to them (that's my theory, at least). She got us up for the Northridge quake which occurred around 5:15 a.m. and was about 100 miles south of us. As it was we only felt a gentle rocking motion, I've no doubt we would have slept through it if she hadn't jumped on our bed and raised holy hell about 10 minutes before it happened.
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    cute stories. Cats are really smart. We have 2 and I'm getting a dog soon.

    I like dogs better but, my brother was allergic growing up so, had to go with cats.

    My father hated my cat and he'd kick him when he was walking around the kitchen (he'd trip my father) I trained him to go under a chair where his food was and sit AND stay. No one would believe it until they'd see it. He was like a dog. He lived to be 21 too.

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    I think my dog is pretty funny and he always has been.

    We got him when he was 2 months old and this was his attitude: I would say "sit down" and he would NOt do it no matter how many times I said it....but if I subsequently said "You want a cookie?" he would sit down.
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    I don't have a pet but I think my best friend is phychic!!! We were watching a tv show and she's like...TIGER TIGER TIGER and I'm like yea ok..and then she's like TIGER!!! and then a Tiger popped on on a tv screen! lol! Maby its just coincidence, I dunno!

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    my kitten jagger thinks she is a parot.......however she hasn't yet acquired a taste for the cracker... *ahem*

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