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Thread: Urgent Question: Is It Faster To...

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    AR Boy

    Urgent Question: Is It Faster To...

    Is it faster to have blood tested in a clinic or is it faster to have blood tested in a hospital?

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    FORT Fanatic echo1960's Avatar
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    In a clinic. At the hospital(here anyways) you have to do all kinds of paperwork and then wait till they call you back.

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    AR Boy
    Thanks Echo!
    We have a driver with suspected SARS so we need a blood sample to be tested

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    Wow. Hope everything turns out OK.

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    Wow, that's scary AR Boy. Let us know how it turns out.
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    Hi AR Boy,,,I hope things work out and everything turns out fine.

    If I am not mistaken, the testing for SARS takes several days at least for accurate results. Since SARS is a specific kind of viral infection, they must take samples of various bodily fluids and must grow a culture in the lab - and that takes time.

    Because of last years outbreak of SARS, i know that Beijing on the mainland has special facilities set up to research SARS - and as a sad side-bar, the recent cases of SARS in Beijing have been tied to a lab worker who was working in a SARS labratory and became accidentally infected. She then passed the virus on to her mother who soon died.
    I believe there were about 9 or so cases of recent SARS tied to this woman but they are trying desperately to contain another mass outbreak.

    I would assume that Hong Kong would also have specific facilities that are best equipped to deal with suspected cases of SARS.

    So you may want to call your local version of the Center for Disease Control and ask their advice.

    Best of luck!

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    Daddio, I know it seems like I'm always trying to discredit you, but that's really not the case. Here, anyway.

    But according to this WHO site, the actual lab work isn't all that time-consuming. As someone who has personally run more PCRs than I care to remember, it's a procedure that takes hours, not days. I've had many a day where I started the PCR first thing in the morning, and had it run out on a gel with clear results before I went home for the day. And the tests I was running weren't even any sort of public health issue. Since SARS is, I'd have to assume that this isn't something they'd let get backlogged. Now, admittedly, the PCR test for SARS conceivably *could* somehow be very different than the PCR tests I've personally done, but it seems unlikely. The basic principles of the experiment stay the same, no matter what you're specifically looking for.

    This site also details the testing protocols.

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    Hi Amanda,

    Well, I obtained the info below from a sight dealing specifically with SARS. So that is why I presented it. I am not a medical professional so I sought out the info on-line.

    "Health care providers diagnose SARS based on the symptoms and the likelihood that a person has been exposed to SARS. Laboratory tests are available to confirm the diagnosis. The results of these tests take several days to several weeks"

    The link to the site I obtained that info from is


    Maybe this site I referenced is incorrect. Not all medical communities always agree. I am not personally a medical professional so I base that type of info on facts I obtain from medical professionals.

    but again - different labs may use different protocols. Very possible.

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    Regardless...AR Boy, let us know if you're OK. My best friend's brother was quarrantined last year for suspected SARS, and it's scary stuff. Hope you don't end up in quarrantine, but if you do, keep in touch and let us know how you're doing.
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    AR Boy
    I've decided to put him in the hospital for safety's sake... he can be quarantined in a hospital if he's proven positive for SARS... in a clinic... he'd be spreading the virus without knowing it if he had it.

    We've had his minibus fully disinfected... bad news is I need to do his duty in his bus for the next month... I think I'll be safe... I always clean my seat, wear gloves and a surgical mask. Thanks all for concern

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