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Thread: Closed Captioning?

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    i just got a dvd player, yep getting caught up with the rest of the world, anyways i bought the cowboy bebop film, It's japanese animation. had the CC on and found the english version and guess what? the subtitles didn't match the english translation. funny that!

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    I use it all the time when I'm watching music videos. I learn the "real" lyrics of the songs, instead of what I think they are.

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    We call them subtitles in the UK.
    In the US we call them Subtitles if they are in a different language... ie: a French film with English Subtitles... But if they're in the same language for the hearing impaired we call them closed captions... I don't know why that is either...

    I used them sometimes for the same reasons everyone listed... Musical Performances or mute when using the phone...
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