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Thread: Tractor Safety...Children & Tractors Don't Mix

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    Glad to hear that Petey is doing better, Markslove. It's so scary to think how quickly something can happen.
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    Good to hear he's OK MarksLove.

    It's a good idea to keep kids and pets a good distance away from any mowing. Anything the blade hits can become a fast moving projectile that could easily injure as well. I accidentily hit things like rocks or a croquet mallet with my parents riding mower when I was younger and they'll spray all over. It may be best to tell childen who want a ride to wait until asked and only then to approach the mower if it's off (or at least the PTO is).
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    I wish your nephew a speedy recovery markslove. I just don't think people realize how dangerous doing that is.

    If you're holding a child and that thing tips, how would you ever prevent either of you from being harmed? The story that Muduh told just gives me the shivers!

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