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Thread: Are you the same Offline as you are online?

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    I'm different in that I am much more likely to speak up about something online than I am in real life. In real life I am highly introverted and have a hard time meeting people. That seems a bit easier online (although it is still difficult at times).

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfleming2
    Alright, you caught me... I'm not really a Canadian BEd. Student/Daycare worker... I am a secret operative of the CIA trying to infiltrate this site. I've been told to "Take this jakeass down"... but please keep it quiet... I could get in a lot of trouble for telling anyone.
    Thats OK, I am in the "Witless Protection Program". (pun intended)

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    I'm much nicer and more pleasant IRL than online. I'm also a clutzy, goof-ball-- it's hard to communicate that here, where people can't see you.

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    judging from this thread the air at FortCon is going to be blue with cuss'n. I'm so sad that I can't go
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    Quote Originally Posted by averagejane
    I can't help associating people's avs with their looks - eva, I pictured you as Faith Hill for the LONGEST time, and Texie, I think I still see Uma as she was in Pulp Fiction as you... and Dux...well, you will always be the funny little yellow guy with the green hair to me...

    I do that too!

    I do better in person than online and I talk more IRL than online.
    Plus I am only online while I am working and I hardly ever have time to post.

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    Well, I'm just wondering with the FORTcon will be pg-13, so the cursers will have to walk around holding back

    I'm pretty much the same online and offline, I think. How is my online personality anyway?

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    Not really. My opinions, view points on things are the same, but IRL I may be way different, then what I am perceived here by people . Offline - more talkative, outgoing and so on. Here I tend to be less-talkative (in most times) and reply in short-answers.

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    I'm basically the same person online as I am offline. The only difference is, I'm less emotional and more diplomatic online than I am in real life.

    It's much easier to be politically correct and appear even-tempered online since I have time to think about what I'm going to say before I post it. Also, if I find myself getting upset about something, I just step away from my keyboard until I'm over it. In real life, in real time, it's not as easy to stay detached.

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    I'm very casual and cool online, I think. I find it way harder to communicate though because of the emotionless and text and the need for more and more smilies! There I go again... For any matter, I think I'm mostly the same online and offline. Maybe I'm more humorous online, though... Probably not.
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    I would say my personality is the same online as off. Except in the real world, I am a gigantic sock monkey with telekinetic powers.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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