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Thread: Are you the same Offline as you are online?

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    Back from the dead! brusch's Avatar
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    Typing takes time, so I don't get to showcase my "argumentative skills" on here. Actually, except for the occasional troll there isn't too much to go ballistic over, but I know I also often lose my train of thought on here so my argument or POV isn't as clear as it could be if face to face. It's probably for the best though, I'm also less likely to really start yelling, pushing people around, or hitting things if it's only online.

    I'm probably not alone in saying that it's easier to discuss a lot of the shows, etc., online. Opinions seem to be held more equally and everyone is here for the same reasons. There is also a lot about me that I can keep to myself and not have to constantly explain, only revealing what I choose. Unfortunately because of this, even though I've been on here a year most other members probably don't know a lot about me. If I get some more time I'll tell some more, and get to know everyone else better as well.
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    I'm pretty much the same both online and offline. I like to talk crap and I crack corny jokes But I'm much more open and 'bolder' here than in real life. Sometimes it is much easier to open up to someone whom you're probably never going to meet in person rather than talk face-to-face with someone. I also find it difficult to initiate conversations with total strangers in real life (unless I have no choice), and I usually just wait for people to approach me.

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    I'm pretty much the same online as IRL. The only difference is I can delete the things that I haven't thought out and my potty mouth doesn't show
    Unfortunately I shoot from the hip and quite often I say what I'm thinking when I should have just thought it and kept my mouth shut.. fortunately my keyboard has a backspace key so it only happens occasionally online - as opposed to quite regularly IRL
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    I'd like to say that I'm the same person offline as online. I have my crabby moments on here just like I do offlline.

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    Im pretty much the same...except I have a mouth that would make a sailor blush! I also talk ALOT!! Texie I bet I talk more than you. Im just too lazy to type all that I wanna say. I also can be pretty sarcastic but Saying something and typing it are 2 different things and it can come out wrong...
    Shy, thats not me..lol
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    I was just thinking if I were going to choose an online personality I would have gone with something more exciting that an at-home mommy who likes cats. Or maybe my real life is so dangerous and exciting I must keep up the boring facade at all costs...no one must know...
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    I'm pretty much the same in person as I am here. Like many of you, I have to clean up my vocabulary here. And as Amanda said, there are facets of my personality that just don't get expressed as well here, in a written-word medium. But if you met me, I'd have the same opinions, the same sense of humor, and the same level of chattiness I have here. And I think some of the friends I've made here would be people I'd befriend in real life. (unless *they* are totally faking their personalities here. )
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    I'm pretty much the same offline as online. I'll talk to pretty much any age group in real life, as well as on here. For example . . . random people just come up and talk to my mom and I all the time when we're out shopping! Don't ask me why this happens. I'm usually pretty outgoing, even with new acquantances. Most of the time I'm the one to "break the ice" at functions where not everybody knows each other.

    Oh, and I don't use a lot of profanity in RL conversations, either. I reserve it for bad drivers.

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    can i have your heart? unexplained's Avatar
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    I think I'm much more confident to joke around with strangers online than offline.
    But mostly I'm me both online and offline.
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    I'm pretty much the same person too: flirty (lol), outgoing etc...
    In person it would just be easier for people to tell if I like them right away or if it will take time depending on their personalities, but overall I love to have fun and that's just me!

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